The ISIS Quagmire and Respect for International Law

Tonight, President Obama will make a foreign policy address to the nation.  He will speak about what the US intends to do about ISIS and other Middle East issues.  As you probably know, the US Administration is planning to escalate  military attacks in Iraq and Syria and to increase funding and training of “moderate rebels” in Syria.
We believe it is important for all of us to do everything possible to RESIST and STOP this drive toward increased aggression against Syria.
If the US wants to stop ISIS, it can remove its funding and arms, which are coming from US allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and others and even from the US itself, through intermediaries like the Syrian “rebels”.  We are the ones who have created the conditions, funded and facilitated the growth of this reactionary terrorist organization.
If the US really wants to stop ISIS it should work with the Syrian government and people who have been the main victims of and fighters against ISIS.
There are many problems with the idea of air strikes against ISIS in Syria and increased funding for the “moderate rebels”.  For one thing, both actions are illegal under international law:
1) As in the case of US funding for the Contras in Nicaragua, it is illegal for the US to fund, train, weaponize and coordinate to overthrow the regime of a sovereign state.
2) The airspace of any country is its own. The US must get Syrian authorization before flying into that air space.
We urge everyone to speak out and do as much as you can to oppose this misguided foreign policy initiative. After the disasters and mayhem caused by the US/NATO invasions against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the American public is rightly skeptical.
It’s for the people of Syria to modify or change their government, not for the US or Saudi Arabia or NATO.
Left on their own, the people of Iraq and Syria can deal with the problem of ISIS and terrorism. Continued US interference and aggression will makes things worse, not better.

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