The Internet has the Power to Break the Zio-Stranglehold


The defeat suffered by the Jewish Supremacist war lobby in its attempts to railroad America into fighting yet another war on behalf of Israel, is unquestionably due to the power of the internet and its ability to spread the truth about Zionist lies and activities.


In previous eras, the public had to rely on the controlled media for their “facts.” But now, with the advent of the Internet, people can get the alternative—and real information—from the source. Nowadays it is possible to go directly to President Basheer Al-Assad’s personal website, or his twitter account, to get information directly from the original source.

No longer do they have to rely on what the Jewish Supremacist “editors” and “commentators” have to say for the “meaning” or “background” of world events.

The proof of this is the vast public opposition to military intervention which would have been impossible even ten years ago. It is the first tangible proof that many people are bypassing the controlled media for their sources of information on major issues.

The Zio-cabal who run the U.S. government have been unable to convince the public that Assad’s government was responsible for an alleged chemical weapons attack.

Instead, people have been able to see for themselves that the UN inspectors were called to Syria by the Assad government to investigate chemical weapons attacks by the “rebels.”

People have been able to see for themselves that Turkey has already arrested dozens of “Syrian rebels” for possession of sarin nerve gas.

People have been able to see for themselves that the “rebels” are in fact just terrorists who have committed the most shocking crimes and human rights abuses.

And finally, people have been able to see for themselves that it is the Jewish lobby which is behind the push for war with Syria—just like Iraq.

And this time, no-one believes all the lies.

All of this is thanks to Nobel Laureate William Shockley, one of the great scientists of the 20th Century, and personal friend of Dr. David Duke, who invented the transistor which has in turn enabled the technological revolution behind computers and all modern electronic devices.

If the people of the world are to be liberated from the terrors of Zio-rule, it will be due to the contribution to our world of people like Dr. Shockley—and the Internet, which will truly “make us free.”

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