The Independent: Western media coverage of the Syrian crisis biased dangerously inaccurate


Sham times

Patrick Cockburn writes an article in The Independent newspaper accusing the coverage of foreign media to the conflict in Syria as “seriously inaccurate . “

He says Cockburn “Every time I come where to Syria shocked depending on the situation on the ground about the way that portrayed in the outside world . ” He adds, “The foreign media that carry news of the conflict in Syria is certainly inaccurate and misleading like everything we’ve seen since the start of World War first . ” complements “I do not believe in any war or another crisis you covered, before journalists in and easily secondary sources biased and full of propaganda” as happens in the coverage of the conflict in Syria and author concludes that as a result of this confusion, Pat politicians and newspapers informal and television viewers do not have a clear idea of what happened in Syria over the last two years.

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