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Dear all,

We’re so close. This time next week, more than 120,000 members of 38 Degrees and Which? will be offered the chance to save money on our gas and electricity bills. [1] Our people-powered effort to stop the big gas and electricity companies from ripping us off is working.

The good news? There’s still time to join in! On Wednesday, experts from the independent consumer association Which? will hold a ‘reverse auction’ – where the big gas and electricity companies will compete to offer us the cheapest deal. Then, from next weekend, each of us can choose to switch to the winner.

The amount you’ll save should be significant — worth the effort of filling in a quick online form. You just need to go to the 38 Degrees page on the Which? site and fill out your gas and electricity use. Click the link below to join people across Great Britain and get the chance to switch to a cheaper deal:
Sign up to The Big Switch

Using the internet, writing to local newspapers and knocking on doors, we’ve brought people together from across Great Britain, in a pledge to switch their gas and electricity provider. [2] Signing up doesn’t mean you have to switch – but it gives you the offer of a cheaper deal.

There’s still time to join and get in on the offer. The deadline has been extended — but only until midnight on Tuesday — so sign up now. To join, you simply need to let the Which? experts know a bit about how much gas and electricity you use.

Click on the link below to enter your information now – it takes less than five minutes:
Sign up to The Big Switch

When we started this campaign people were excited, but nervous. Could a people-powered campaign really compete against the big gas and electricity companies? Now The Big Switch is a national news story. Politicians from all parties have signed up, and more than 280,000 of us are taking part! [3]

The big gas and electricity companies are, *ahem*, feeling the heat. They know The Big Switch is not only an opportunity to gain (or lose) thousands of customers: it’s a challenge to their profiteering that will shake up the energy market for good.

Don’t miss out – sign up by midnight on Tuesday to get the offer. Here’s the link:
Sign up to The Big Switch

Thanks for being part of it,

Becky, James, David, Marie, Cian, Hannah and the 38 Degrees team

PS: The 38 Degrees office team don’t have the expert knowledge needed to run the reverse auction, so the link will take you to a special 38 Degrees version of the Which? website. Don’t worry, your data will be held securely according to our strict Big Switch privacy policy. Your information won’t be used for anything other than messages about The Big Switch, and you can unsubscribe any time.

Also, anyone in Great Britain is eligible to take part in The Big Switch – so forward this email far and wide before Tuesday!

[1] Utility Week: Which? pushes back Big Switch auction to 9 May
[2] 38 Degrees Blog: The Big Switch: Update
[3] See the previous note

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