THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS: We cannot afford to remain powerless


Global Research,

In 2010, at the height of the financial crisis, Global Research published a highly-acclaimed book entitled The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century (Michel Chossudovsky and Andrew Gavin Marshall, Editors). Now in 2012, even the minority elite and their backpocket media pundits — who were pushing the public to believe that the crisis was over –can no longer deny that today’s economic outlook is far from healthy. 

This important volume, featuring 20 chapters by some of Global Research’s top contributors, is essential reading for those who want to truly understand how the public is being manipulated into poverty. We cannot afford to remain powerless.

In the words of our contributors:

“You want to read The Global Economic Crisis if you meet these criteria: you welcome information and analysis about critically important issues that come from great thinkers outside the mainstream media and publishing world; you can handle brain pain from detailed and brutally honest revelations; you are willing and able to challenge your own biases and preconceptions to let in new explanations of how the world really functions. If millions of Americans read this book, we would probably see a far stronger uprising against the political establishment that has refused to severely punish the countless guilty people in the financial, banking and mortgage sectors that brought down the US and global economic system.”

–Joel S. Hirschhorn (Click for full review)

“Made up of twenty essays organized into five topics, the Global Economic Crisis describes the genesis and development of the collapse in ways that exhibit how serious and intractable it is, and the editors have had the good sense to not indulge in any Pollyanna prescriptions of how it will all end up with the world being better off than it ever has been. They have also had the good sense not to present the crisis as a doomsday event. As such, they presents things in ways that show what went wrong and what needs to be fixed and leaves the fixing to us if we can generate the courage to fix them.”

–John Kozy (Click for full review)

“The Global Economic Crisis describes the big picture, the global macroeconomics that translate into high unemployment, massive foreclosures, drastic cuts in local governmental services, and bankruptcy for millions of individuals, and businesses large and small, worldwide. And the understanding of economics at the global level, not how to open a checking account or how to shop for an auto loan, is the financial literacy the public needs most.”

–Kéllia Ramares (Click for full review)

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