The Flourishing Springs


by Daniel Mabsout

” MI6′s Paul Conroy in Libya (in blue bulletproof vest) with, on the right, Al-Qaeda leaders Mahdi al-Harati (in black body armor) and Abdelhakim Belhaj (in camouflaged jacket).”
Some say it started in Tunisia , some others say it started in Lebanon in the fake Cedar’s revolution that sought to disarm the Lebanese Resistance , but this was seven years ago and there was a split in the Lebanese population that could not be overlooked and which prevented the so-called revolution from mobilizing all ; it rather mobilized one faction against the other and it proved to be never the less fake.
The “real” Arab spring started in Palestine , in Gaza specifically, that is where it all started after the 2008 assault when the world order started exploiting the world wide growing empathy with the Palestinian plight. A boat from here , another from there , a march from here another from there , a convoy here and there , all accompanied by an incomparable so called pro Palestinian campaign on the internet and fb to the point one started wondering where from all these so called” lovers “of Palestine and Gaza came and where were they before?
The truth is that all kinds of NGOs became very busy promoting the issue of Palestine and praising Palestine and calling for its assistance and help . People of all kinds , from all countries and places had one word on their lips that is Palestine and the siege on Gaza and the fate of Palestinians there. It was the Palestine Chill that was communicated to all .
This awakening to the Palestinians’ plight in Gaza did not happen alone , it was premeditated because the revolutionary spring that was to overtake many Arab countries on after the other needed a solid platform to head to other places , and the Palestinian platform- in the form of besieged Gaza- presented the best place to launch the Arab revolutions prepared especially by the world order through the different NGO’s in order to offer to Arabs a revolution that is conform both to their tastes and expectations and addresses their deeply frustrated being .
So much Palestine became celebrated every where in unexpected places and faces while boats full of activists were sent one after the other all heading to Gaza and most failing to reach it, rallying thus more and more people to the cause of the besieged. Did the cause become international? Only in appearance , the truth is that the cause was hijacked by Intelligence services and the multiple NGOs who have infiltrated everywhere and everything with the exception of very few genuine personal endeavors.
The people sharing in this campaign came from everywhere, some where honest activists but many worked for dubious organizations and foreign intelligence. The so called activist called Mahdi al Harati who shared in the Irish flotilla is a CIA agent on the payroll of the agency and was hired and sent later to Libya to lead the battle of Tripoli .Other activists had also dubious affiliations , there is no doubt that people like Catherine Myles- who abducted the Aloha Palestine mission- has dubious and sectarian affiliations and is linked to foreign intelligence and so are the people who supported her and helped her or worked with her, among them people like Mary Rizzo and Robert Hand who both promote an Israeli agenda’ and a whole bunch of so called activists who have nothing to do with Palestine but work on a Turkish/Israeli assignment and who in no time –as if by magic- will turn from supportive of Palestine to enemies of Syria calling for the overthrowing of Assad and for foreign NATO military intervention .
Most of these people were gathered around Gaza by the world establishment , and from there and after achieving their mission , were dispatched to different places to continue the mission of stirring the Arab so called revolutions and then that of occupying Libya and campaigning against Syria .
All this International activity around Gaza was a prelude to Arab springs and ended drastically with the event of the Mavi Marmara by the slaughter of nine Turkish activists by the Israelis after which Turkey’s role in the Palestinian issue became consecrated at the expense of the Syrian and Iranian commitment to the Palestinian cause and as a fake substitute to it. . .. Few months later the Arab springs started , the boat movement quieted down and became almost non existent , it had served its purpose of mobilizing people that could be used later in different endeavors . Had it been genuine and after so many sacrifices the peace activism around Gaza should have flourished instead, but this is not so .
After the fall of Bin ‘Ali and Mubarak and after the war in Libya , the pro Gaza international activism is now directed to threatening Syria and launching the anti Assad campaign as a prelude to undermining the Armed Resistance to Israel and start a new chapter of recognizing and normalizing according to the Turkish model.

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