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The fatal mistake .. How did Corona spread “silence” among the countries of the world

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

The New York Times, quoting doctors and researchers, revealed that underestimating the Corona patients who did not show any symptoms led to a widespread epidemic in the world during the first two months of the health crisis.

According to the source, it was initially believed that people who contracted the new coronavirus without showing symptoms, did not transmit the infection, but this was not true.

Initially, the researchers suggested that the virus would not transmit from people who had no symptoms, thinking that the emerging Corona virus had the same genetic characteristics as another virus from the Corona family, SARS.

In Germany, for example, the virus entered the country through a person who was in China, and arrived through the airport while he was in full health and wellness, and it was assumed that he would not transmit the infection to others, but the opposite was the case.

This person from China did not suffer from any rise in body temperature, nor did he complain of coughing, fatigue or sneezing.

The researcher specializing in infectious diseases at the University of Munich, Rothy, said that the researchers were confident of their findings on the Corona virus and its transmission methods. Because health authorities ignored those who did not show symptoms, an emphasis was placed on measuring heat at airports, and wearing masks was not imposed on healthy people during the first stage. A scientific team from the University of Munich was among the first to warn of the transmission of the virus by infected people who did not show any symptoms, but their warnings were not heeded.

In light of this disregard, the epidemic prevailed in more regions of Europe, and a record number of deaths were recorded in many countries of the old continent.

And the “New York Times” reported that the world had wasted a full two months in discussing whether the infected people who did not show symptoms of people transmitting the infection.

She added that this delay was due to scientific errors or as a result of competition and rivalries between academics, or perhaps reluctance to accept a clear fact that the containment of the virus requires strict and severe measures.

Researchers say it is difficult to estimate how many people could be prevented from the disease, but some scientists say it would have been possible to protect tens of thousands of lives if governments had taken appropriate measures.

Today, people who are asymptomatic are treated as highly likely carriers of the virus, but the overall responsibility for this group for the epidemiological situation remains unclear.

But mathematical models from scientific bodies in Singapore, China and Hong Kong suggested that between 30 and 60 percent of infections were caused by people who were infected with the Corona virus without showing any symptoms.

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