The Epic Fail of the IsraHell State


by Yukon Jack

Israel is many things to many people, but it is failed state. It can not exist unless it shamelessly wages war on everyone not Jewish inside and outside her borders, she has failed because she was stopped in the autumn of 2012, she reached a limit, where her military enforcement arm, the United States refused to wage war against Iran.
March 2nd, 2012 Netanyahu instructs Obama to bomb Iran. Notice the flags, both heads of state have their heads over the Star of David. It would be more appropriate if the United States flag was on the floor with only Israeli flags in the background. This obsession with Israel is really tiresome, when is America going to face up to her abuser?
Obama blinked, I am surprised he still lives – you don’t mess with the Zohan Netanyahu – Obama is a minion of Jewish money power and must do as he is told by his bosses, if not they will replace or sacrifice him. The sad state of affairs in the United States is a whore of Israel, she does whatever she is told, nearly every military leader and politician is eager to please Israel and AIPAC. This unwillingness to attack so outraged some that even the Atlanta Jewish Times called for the assassination of a sitting President.
“The owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew Adler, who suggested Israel should assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama, has resigned from his post, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported yesterday.”(1)
Writers and historians should take note of Jewry’s behavior in this case and compare the policies of JFK that lead to his assassination, did Israel assassinate JFK over his policies concerning Israel? Michael Collins Piper thinks so, in his latest book Final Judgment he concludes that Israel is the prime suspect over the riff JFK was having with Ben Gurion’s nuclear ambitions.(2) Was the Israel nuclear program a way to blackmail the West into submission to Rothschilds’ demands? Is that why they had JFK murdered? Then we have the curious coincidence of General Dempsey’s plane being attack upon arrival at Bagram Airbase just after telling Netanyahu in Israel that the United States would not have Israel’s back if they attacked Iran.(4)

Strategic Shift in Policy Underway

So what happened within the beltway to cause this strategic shift in behavior? Why didn’t the whore go down on Iran? Why is the whore refusing to be a whore? Mark Glenn ( speculates that the whore is refusing to commit suicide. Politically savvy Mark Glenn thinks that the US military establishment gamed the Iran war, saw they would lose and have no belly for another fight in the Middle East. After the Afghanistan-Iraq experience the Pentacon bureaucracy is having second thoughts about jumping into every Israeli generated quagmire. “My, my, my, once bitten, twice shy.”
The case gets ever more intriguing, just last year author of the Grand Chessboard, Zbigniew Brzezinski, states forthrightly that the United States isn’t the “stupid mule” that follows Netanyahu around like that dumb elephant.
youtube: Brzezinski: US won’t follow Israel like a stupid mule

ZBig the BigZ is wondering outloud about our foreign policy goals in the Middle East. Currently we have no plan, waffling, sorta playing along. We need to exert bold new ideas, a plan with Israel pushed to the sideline, America should defang Israel, and make friends with the oil producing nations, we should be friends with all nations. That is the rational thing to do when you have a nation that uses more oil than anyone else. Israel doesn’t have oil, America’s allegiance to Israel is irrational, she has nothing to gain and is losing everything.
America has lost all moral authority backing the Jewish state. It’s a total loss and she won’t gain it back anytime soon. American military power has been greatly reduced by allying with Israel. Israel is the only country that uses F-16′s to bomb its own civilians on a regular basis, these jets built and paid for by Americans. America supports Israel no matter how costly, everything has gone down the drain just as Helen Thomas said. Maybe we should get the hell out of Palestine, and take our military toys back with us from that sand box hell.

24 MAY 2011, Netanyahu addresses the United States Congress and receives a record 29 standing ovations.(3) Israeli leaders should always address Congress while standing on the American flag. (Keep this video handy in case you need to induce vomiting: I just love how Bibi believes that Israel is a democracy that allows dissent, lol, tell that to Rachel Corrie’s parents.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Joe Biden, John Boehner
Our elected representatives clap like penguins high on crack for this man, who said: “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” ~ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002.

Netanyahu’s Political Failures

A few Evangelicals think Netanyahu is the antichrist. They cite Bible verses, the proverbial antichrist suffers a “head wound” then recovers, Bibi’s suffered the loss as “head of state” in 1999 then recovered in 2009 becoming Prime Minister again. Add to this that he is the “first born”, he is the first Prime Minister to be born in Israel. He also speaks with the authority of the dragon, another antichrist attribute, he holds attention of the world leaders. He got his authority from the world’s foremost financial power, the Satanic worshipping Rothschilds (dragons). I second Kevin Barrett’s motion, Netanyahu for antichrist has my vote.(8) Netanyahu was originally called Ben Nitay (9)(anagram ANTI) and is a dead ringer for the “little horn” of Daniel, a leader of a small nation that holds the attention of all the world. Regardless of whether the antichrist title fits, I would argue that he actually isn’t that effective in persuading the world to do his bidding.
Netanyahu works tirelessly to defend his nation against the existential threat of all the world’s peoples, anti-semites, all of them.(10) He doesn’t take any back talk from goy slaves, when the USA turned down his request for bombing runs over Tehran, he immediately tried to assassinate US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey (~24 August 2012). General Dempsey, errand boy of the Obama administration, almost got killed in the backlash of Netanyahu’s explosive rage. Netanyahu’s anger is exposed in his appearance at the UN a month later, he makes a bold faced bomb threat. This proves, I believe, that General Dempsey was targeted by Netanyahu himself, he couldn’t get to Obama so he went for the messenger on his turf.

When Bibi E. Coyote didn’t get his way, he threatens the world with a Looney Tunes cartoon bomb (Netanyahu speech to the UN General Assembly, 28 Sep 2012)

super genius plan
Netanyahu’s appearance at the UN was classic, better than a prime time sitcom. Mark Glenn thinks the crazy coyote was making a bomb threat on the floor of the UN, I agree.(6) For all the world saw the immature mindset of the sitting prime minister of Israel, a suited mafiosa thug on the floor of the United Nations making bomb threats at the world. Israel has failed to intimidate, she is now a coffee table joke. Netanyahu’s speech bombed, lol, the rest of the world does get it, they saw a loon and wants to bomb every one of their neighbors off the map. Netanyahu’s message was, “obey me or else”. Yeah we know what you are going to do, bomb something somewhere because that’s all you do mister Prime Minister, but we are not going to obey you because you are a tyrant and we are not afraid of pathological lying belligerent psychopaths.
Because of the President’s failure to obey his master, Netanyahu then decides to oust Obama via the election of 2012. But once again, the internet doomed the fronted Republican sleazebag, exposing Mitt Romney as a close associate of Netanyahu, who both worked at Bain Capital, a Mossad asset stripping corporation run by gangster Israelis. Bain became the bane of Bibi. Mitt was so slimy that many Mormons of good standing wouldn’t vote for him, he got less Mormon votes than GW Bush.(7) Netanyahu’s plan to oust Obama by backing Mitt Romney ruse failed, this was a repeat of the failure of getting his other stooge John McCain, “Bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran” into office. Bad karma or bad luck, the Universe wasn’t going his way. Netanyahu has to regret that he was out of office during those Republican years whose party bombs early, bombs often, bombs on the flimiest invented pretexts. “They hate our freedums – BOMB THEM!” sayeth Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Bill O’Reilly, etc. etc. Elephants are sure easily moved with a mere bag of peanuts.
King Bibi’s strategeries have failed, he didn’t get his apocalyptic war, he didn’t get to be the big bad wolfie antichrist, he wasn’t the PM during the Iraq bombing campaigns. Bibi’s luck ran out with the Democratic election of Barack Obama, Obama waffles, delays, stalls, he doesn’t have that blood lust like a good Republican reptile and not to mention that behind the scenes policy makers and Joint Chiefs got some balls and said no. That’s what happened, they decided not to commit suicide in King Bibi’s bomb Iran plan.
The energy that had been building, the millions of sound bites and propaganda barrage pummeling America into war with Iran was diffused by simply saying no. Poof! All the Jewish media magic vanished into thin air when Obama said no. lol Rationalism triumphed over apocalyptic lunacy, Armageddon was called off. The antichrist was stopped, the abuse stopped because the abused said no to the abuser. We need to keep the pressure on Washington to not do anything stupid, like the current involvement in Syria. The Pentagon needs to do some house cleaning and rid itself of the Zionist crazies and dual Israeli loyalists, and don’t forget to run AIPAC out of town, maybe tar and feather a few of those lobbyists for good measure. General Dempsey is sounding quite rational these days, he doesn’t like any of the options concerning Syria, we should support him.
Israel is now doomed to disappearing from the annals of history or facing radical reform. The European financial interest that created her is about to throw the towel in, their vision of a one world banking empire has reached a upper debt limit, they can no longer afford Israel, the Rothschild debt cartel is teetering on a derivative implosion of epic proportions. I believe that Rothschilds are going to cut their losses short on their Israeli experiment, they are going to cut her loose. How do I know? Prophetic intuition? I have it straight from the horse’s mouth, Henry Kissinger, who recently said ‘In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.’(5)
It’s not to early to call it, Israel has failed, Israel is the failed experiment of the Rothschild banking dynasty, Israel has become a joke of a nation with threatening its neighbors with cartoon bombs and siphoning off huge amounts of weapons and monies from its host nations, who are completely bankrupt. Israel has cost America $350 billion thus far by some realistic estimates.(11) And where did Rabbi Dov Zakheim sock away that missing $2.3 trillion from the Pentacon? What about that missing gold from the WTC, or the Federal Reserve that refuses to audit the Bundesbank gold, is their any gold at Fort Knox or the JPM vaults, who has the world’s gold? All we need is a debt implosion and this support will be cut off faster than a lingering fart in a hurricane.
America will eventually come to its senses, the DC whorehouse is going to throw the two-bit Madam back into the street, no one wants the employment of an ugly old whore and the threats of her pimp daddy Netanyahu.

Is Israel the Private Mercenary Army of Rothschilds?

Rothschilds are the wealthiest banking dynasty in history, they have everything except one thing, they don’t have their own private army. So if you were them what could you do? Create their own nation, fund it secretly, use it to get what they want: oil, Arab oil, the vast seas of underground Arab oil. Where would you locate that new nation, near those oil fields that you covet? Was Israel the stepping stone to Middle East oil fields?
Things have changed since the 1970′s, the oil corridor has moved to the other side of the planet. Do the world’s large oil multinationals still covet the Arabian oil fields now that the Canadian and Venezuela proven reserves are far larger than the greatly depleted Saudi fields? The Saudi estimates of recoverable oil are probably exaggerated, advanced recovery technique of injecting saltwater into wells to force oil out is now yielding more salt water than oil.
So how do we get oil? Since our current policies have failed, we have not gotten all that Iraqi oil as promised by Rumsfeld, may I suggest we go back to that old fashion way, we buy it. We should buy it in United States Dollars, not Federal Reserve Notes. The Federal Reserve needs to be nationalized and Rothschild taken out because the reason we war is to prop up the debt pyramid. By pulling the plug on debit based money we uncouple ourselves from the chains of debt, we no longer have to wage endless wars of stimulus for the banking system. We also would not need to be associated with the bully boy Netanyahu and his state of agitation.

The Holohoax Limit

There is a limit to everything, including the Holocaust extortion racket. Even if the Holocaust was true there would be a limit, but it isn’t true, it is another Hollywood production, a modern myth used to extort money from Germany and America. Israel was built on stolen through deception money, what happens when the bleeding to the point of comatose host catches on? It is only a matter of time time bankrupt America stops the checks to Tel Aviv.
The Holocaust storyline doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, and this shouldn’t be surprising if you understand who is telling you the story. Billions of dollars siphoned off and wasted creating misery for Palestinians, who are currently being treated worse than the Jews under Hitler. The world see this and sympathy for Israel is drying up, the endless Holocaust whining is losing its effect, the suffering world doesn’t feel much empathy for the endless lies of the Jews.
The 70 year bailout of Israel is over, bankrupt western economies aren’t going to keep shoveling money into the Israeli bottomless pit of pain and misery. The world needs to force change on Israel by first taking out Rothschild banking dynasty, defanging Israel, create a new state in the region. Maybe its time for the Rothschild Zionists to admit their experiment failed and join humanity. Ah but they won’t so maybe its time for the cruise missiles to set sail for Rothschild private estate.
Imagine world peace and prosperity, its starts by taking out the criminal Rothschild banking dynasty. The world doesn’t need them, their scheming wars, or their debt based currency scam. The immediate result of ridding the world of these scumbag banksters is full employment. Since Iceland arrested its bankers and charged them with treason, Iceland now has almost no unemployment, the lowest of any European nation, and all mortgage debt gone – they erased it because it was fraudulent. Think about it, any nation can have almost immediate full employment by deshackling itself from usury debt. Imagine an entire nation owning homes debt free.
All humanity needs is the will in order to free itself from Rothschild usury. Once we decide that we have had enough then we simply push a button and the Rothschild problem is instantly vaporized. Maybe we can time it during one their baby sacrificing rituals, send them all back to hell.
missiles into rothschild

Its time to hold the Armageddon Lobby Accountable

We do not have to put up with this insane lawless terror by inbred billionaires and neither do we have to put up with the war making god lobby led by Hagee, Robertson, etc.(12) Maybe its time humanity to hold the Evangelical community accountable for their pro- Israel, pro-Zionist beliefs – maybe they should be sued under the RICO act for promoting terrorism, genocide, and war because that is exactly what they are doing. Its not a right to worship evil and harm humanity because of Biblicaly inspired blood lust of forcing a mythical savior to return. For those who think Israel is forever and ever forget why Israel even exists, I say this in my first essay on VT:
“…But that presents a huge problem, if god is an ancient superstition then what claim do Jews have to Palestine? None, none whatsoever. In fact the Jews have no legal claim even though most of the world is under a Jewish legal system. But that’s not what the fearless leaders of Israel say, they claim Almighty God gave them that land, ain’t it funny how “Almighty” God took thousands of years to get the Jews back to their land. That smells fishy, don’t you think?
Israel is unique because it is a nation based on a belief that God promised the Jews some land. Never mind the fact that the Jews wrote the book concerning this claim. No god means no Israel. Think about that, and think no American believers also means no Israel, so one can surmise that Israel only exists because of what Americans believe. It isn’t just weapons and bank loans, it is a belief that floats Israel…”
“Belief floats Israel” and beliefs are fleeting, for they are based on wishful thinking, mind memes, not reality. Evangelical terror has run its course. We experienced it, watched it unfold, the Depleted Uranium birth defects and maimed soldiers, children buried alive in rubble. The Fundamentalist horror movie has run its course. We survived their abuse and should be disgusted with these believers that are trying to help Almighty God find his way back to planet earth.
“Ari Shavit wrote in Israeli daily Ha’aretz on April 3, 2003 that “the war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, says it’s possible“. Now, the same two Zionazis are leading the ‘bomb, bomb Iran’ campaign.
In November 1963, Israeli Mossad operatives assassinated US president John F. Kennedy for refusing to help the Zionist entity become a nuclear power. The “official” story said the lone assassin was Oswald, who was later killed by a Zionist Jew Jack Ruby (aka Jacob Leon Rubenstein). Eighteen other material witnesses met mysterious death within three years of JFK assassination.”

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  1. In general, I think Americans lack the intelligence, courage and morality to sustain our Constitutional Republic. I expect a collapse and civil unrest. If we get rid of the Zionist Jews, another criminal organization will just step in. WW2 made the US a success and now it is burned out. WW3 anyone?

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