The endless US war on Cuba ‘VIDEO’


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It’s little known, but at the time of the 1959 Cuban revolution, 60% of all Cuban property – land, sugar mills, port facilities, factories and more – was owned by foreigners.

Not a good thing especially since many of the foreign owners were abusive.

The US Mafia, for instance, operated a large network of casinos, bars, and nightclubs that doubled as centers of crime. The thugs that provided “security” for these places were also used by the corrupt government to assault and murder political opponents.

Owners of Cuban property included the Rockefellers and the Bush family.

When Cubans took back their country and appropriated foreign owned property, there were a lot of hard feelings to say the least. There were also hard feelings among the Cuban agents who worked on behalf of the dictator, the Mafia and US monopolists.

These people – many of them hereditary criminals – want their “deal” back. They liked the Cuba where no one had access to medical care and only the wealthy were educated beyond grammar school.

Now Cuba – in spite of a non-stop economic war waged on it by the US – has one of the highest literacy rate in the world and sends it doctors to help in disasters around the world, over 700 to help after the recent hurricanes in 2017.

The Cuban system is not perfect, but in the areas of social welfare and dealing with civilian emergencies, it makes the US look truly pathetic.

As I write this, over 30 days after Hurricane Irma, over 3 million US citizens living in Cuba are still without electricity and medical and other basic services, and many still lack access to potable water and reliable food supplies.

Why destroy Cuba?

Because they make the gangsters who run the US look bad.


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