The Debate Question That Really Mattered


Democratic National Committee Secretary Alice Travis Germond opens the roll call of the states during the third day of the 2008 convention. Photograph Source: Qqqqqq – CC BY-SA 3.0

The last question asked during the recent Democratic debate was the one that laid reality bare. The question was basically “are you okay with the will of the voters being subverted in order for the DNC establishment to place their own selected candidate as their nominee?” The answers came without hesitation from all but candidate Bernie Sanders. They agreed to this polluted and toxic plan—that of going to a second round of voting at the convention, freeing up delegates to vote for another puppet of the oligarchy, even if that individual did not have the majority of the votes. This will undoubtedly be the beginning of the end of the DNC should this occur. This seems to be the wreckage we are hurtling toward.

We were constantly reminded that Hillary won the popular vote the last time around with the tragedy of the electoral college subverting her presidential aim. This is true along with the background noise of her husband suggesting that Trump run as an easy mark as well as her patrician and entitled avoidance of swing states. But these are underneath the truth of the electoral college defeat. The super-delegate situation is identical in purpose to the electoral college, and that is to serve as a safety valve against the will of the riff raff.

In the consistency challenged world of the DNC elite, it’s only about the success or failure of your chosen enabler of the status quo. The electoral college thwarted the success of the Hillary Clinton presidential bid, but the purely identical situation with the super-delegates is an insurance policy for them to keep the powerful in their place. Hypocrisy doesn’t even seem remotely powerful enough word for this dissonance. This is something of an” I enjoy murder unless I’m getting murdered” energy.

Another example of the sheer lack of consistency is the elevation of Mike Bloomberg. He is Trump’s fun house mirror image. The NDAs in place for– I’m sure, just misunderstood jokes, show this brazen equivalence. He is the one selected by the DNC elite so he is worthy and a desired candidate. They bend rules for him and salivate over his wealth. Trump is too carnival barker for their taste, so he is unworthy and not desired. The similarity stands as well as the lack of representation on both sides for the majority of the population. They both advance the needs of the mega-wealthy and a battle between the two is nothing short of bread and circuses. With the price of bread manipulated from a Mayor Pete type.

Bernie Sanders is such weak tea compared to what we need to maintain a habitable earth and a decent, egalitarian society, but even this is deemed too much by these establishment gatekeepers. The bare minimum we need is considered to be far too much to ask of them. Should you have healthcare for your family without strings, you might not be as compliant at your job. You might start discovering your worth and leave more readily when treated poorly. If you aren’t tied down by crippling loan debt, you might realize that you have an inherent worth beyond shuffling through life, maybe two jobs at once even. You might realize that you have the beauty and worth of all those who have come before you, and this commodification of your soul is sick. These are questions those propped up in power don’t want you to consider. They don’t want you to realize that this nonsensical hierarchy is as real and necessary as sacrificing people’s beating hearts to ensure the sun comes up. You aren’t to look behind the curtain at the wizard or any other mixed metaphors I can come up with. The entire construct demands that unexamined fealty.  Keeping you in a low-level panic state ensures that realization and questions won’t arise to harm this edifice. This is the broader implication of a Sanders presidency. It could let in a minute sliver of light when they want you in the darkness of despair at all times.

The fact that they are telegraphing the rigging planned should not keep you away from the polls. The very audacity of their theft needs to be clear beyond measure. Huge numbers need to show up so there is no more room for plausible deniability. And after that theft, this party needs to disappear. The working class no longer needs to support this deceit. The calls to support blue no matter who can be disregarded, and a new path needs to be built. They will lose with a plugged in candidate so the forced acceptance of their “centrist”  will be a moot point anyway. Many historians consider the New Deal to have been successful in staving off a revolution. This is an important point to consider. The elite seem to be intent on a different path this time –to them even the New Deal-esque solutions Sanders is prescribing are  more than their filthy avarice will allow.  It is more important to limit the aspirations of those with little hope already.  They tell the Americans that they don’t all deserve to have healthcare—that they don’t deserve to be educated without gold coins backing them. It is nothing short of medieval, but most can’t see this being so frenzied by the carefully crafted tightrope. Who thinks about the notion of artificial constructs when one misstep causes homelessness? We are all in a survival mode and even for those of us fortunate enough not to be in quite so dire a situation (we may be 2-3 disasters from homelessness as opposed to 1 disaster)—we need to realize this is the reality for a huge portion of the population.

The DNC needs to know that this will be the end of their power should they subvert the will of the voters again. It’s likely so many screwy candidates are staying in the race to simply spread out the first round of delegates, ensuring that second round of voting. This will allow them to present the choice they likely have already made. Perhaps it will be the Monopoly man or at the least someone with an ascot. I consider it to be almost a certainty they will utilize this nuclear option. We need to prepare for all the contingencies and plunge forward without fear and with a clear realization who the enemy is.

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