The COVID-19 Hysteria: Important Video – Corona: The Collapse Of The System

By Ernst Wolff

Well… I did have to work today, as I am considered an “essential service”….But it is now even frustrating there as I have been forced to practice “social distancing” and to constantly “wash my hands” and obey corporation orders in regards to this COVID-19 fraud…. I have been warned that if I do not “adhere” to guidelines, I will have written ‘warnings’ in my work file, and subsequent ‘warnings’ could mean “termination”..

Honestly, I do not know what to make of this world any more… The fucking liars in our governments and the idiots in the Jew spew media have people so brainwashed with false ‘fear’ that many are now nothing more than walking zombies… People everywhere that I have met over the last while have that “glazed over” eyes look like “deer in headlights” with many just in so much sheer panic that they will not get within 20-30 feet of other people…. And many are now watching everyone else like a bunch of automaton idiots and making sure that everyone around them is “obeying” the new “laws”.  If anyone “violates” the “laws” as THEY see fit, they will not hesitate to report those “violators”… Welcome to the new world where everyone is a snitch and a prick, and freedom and liberty is now out the door..

Just the other day, my fellow Canadian, Greencrow (, alerted me to a new video that Penny, over at “Penny For Your Thoughts” ( has up, and Crow said that I should have that video up at this site, for it is DYNAMITE and a must see by everyone…  I therefore will oblige and I want to present that video, entitled: “#Corona: The Collapse Of The System(Ernst Wolff)” that was originally issued in only German, but now has English subtitles enclosed so that everyone can watch and listen for themselves…. I absolutely do have that video right here and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I listened to this video several times myself over the last while, paying attention of course to the English subtitles for translation of what Ernst Wolff is saying, and I do agree with most of his conjectures in regards to this fraud “pandemic” and how this fraud is bringing about the collapse of the entire system!

And I do also want to give a tip of the hat to the author over at “YayaCanada” ( for bringing this video to light as well…

I also have said many times that there is a diabolical goal in mind for the criminals that brought about this fraud “pandemic” and IMHO it is the collapse of the present “financial” system and our systems of government to bring about their insidious “One world government agenda” as well as to have everyone placed under the ultimate surveillance system by having everyone “vaccinated” to have microchip tracking mechanisms installed in our bodies….

And lets face it… I and others have WARNED everyone for the last few years that the present financial system was unsustainable and was heading to a very hard crash that would have dwarfed the Great Depression… The criminals running our present “fractional reserve” system of endless debt could no longer sustain the present system and had to find a way to bring about their change… And voila we have this ‘pandemic’ at just the nick of time to be used as their “cover” so that they can collapse the system…. I can guarantee that there will NOT be a “return to normal” when this fraud crisis is over as the old system was impossible to maintain…. I therefore can see the bastards come up with their “cashless” society as well as a “new financial system” that will have all of us enslaved to their evil in perpetuity……

I am also glad that the massive DERIVATIVE bubble was discussed by Ernst Wolff…. I have put up several articles at this blog talking about that horrific “800 lb gorilla” in the room that nobody ever wants to talk about… .People need to understand that the total value of those ‘derivatives’ now sits at nearly 2 QUADRILLION dollars, and if any, or even a small portion, of those ‘derivatives” were to ever be “exposed” or forced on any nation to try to force that nation to pay back (mostly through blackmail…), it could cause that nation to fail completely and possibly cause a ripple effect that could crash the entire world economy….. I have called derivatives the most dangerous thing imaginable in terms of economic armageddon in some previous articles, and I was not kidding..

I am continuing my exposure of this entire fraud pandemic…. There is still so much information out there for everyone to get a full understanding of what exactly is going on under the cover of this ‘forced isolation” and “shut down” of our nations…. I will do my best to bring forward that information right here when it does become available, so stay tuned…

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