The cost of talking to ‘Israel’

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The Palestinians and Israel have been talking for over 20 years. The talks were meant to conclude within five years, “yet two decades on Israel’s occupation continues, and the situation on the ground has only moved backwards for Palestinians”.

As the website Jadaliyya points out,

An ever-increasing Israeli settler population, continuing dispossession of Palestinians, and a comprehensive system of segregation define the landscape. In spite of the Palestinian Authority’s “statehood” project, the feasibility of a “two-state solution” is now widely questioned, while Palestinian self-determination and the return of refugees are barely discussed.

The infographic below, produced in collaboration with the Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA), reminds us of the high price paid by the Palestinian people for talking to the Israelis – land thieves, misfits, squatters and habitual liars. (To download the full size infographic, click here, and then click on the infographic after it downloads.)

Twenty years of keeping Palestinians preoccupied with futile talks

Talking to the Israelis from a position of weakness has never worked, and will never work. Israel understands only one language: the language of force.

So, it’s time for the Palestinians to go back to the drawing board.

But first they must understand that only ethnic cleansing and the annihilation of their national cause awaits them if they remain divided.

It’s past time to set aside the debilitating divisions, for Fatah to clean its house and for Hamas to forget about its ridiculous “Islamic project”, and for all Palestinians to confront the Israeli monster united.


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