“The Avengers” Signals Illuminati Intentions



The Avengers is the highest grossing movie of all time, making $1.1 billion in just two weeks. According to Aspen, it describes the Illuminati (i.e. Cabalist/Masonic Jewish) intention to produce the chaos and destruction necessary for the return of the Messiah (i.e. Green Hulk) and to bring about Illuminati dictatorship.

(Editor’s Note: I reserve judgment and present this for discussion.)

by Aspen

At its heart, The Avengers reflects the Illuminati’s hatred of humanity, and their intention to kill it off.

The ultimate hero featured in Avengers is the Incredible Hulk, Dr. David Banner, a man whose inner rage allows him to transform into an enormous green-hued muscular beast of unstoppable power at will.

The Hulk states that he simply cannot be killed, and is credited for saving the Human Race. This is Illuminati self-representation.

Luciferian themes of Will and Vengeance (hence the title) characterize and define this film. While the dialogue (“You were born to be ruled!”) and certain choice scenes are relevant to a complete understanding of the film, it is more basic symbols and characters that deserve immediate attention.

Synopsis: The Norse trickster god Loki, banished from Asgard, forms an alliance with a race known as the Chitauri. Loki offers the Chitauri easy subjugation of Earth, and in exchange he requires governorship of the planet. An organization designated S.H.I.E.L.D., led by a man named Nick FURY, collects a band of super-human defenders to meet the Chitauri invasion.

Who are the Chitauri?

In Marvel Comics lore, the Chitauri are a race of shapeshifters who seek to subjugate the universe by eliminating Free Will.


(left, the Messiah)

In the comics, as well as the Avengers film version, it is the Green Hulk who proves to be the final, unbeatable defender of Humanity.

The Hulk’s skin is green. Green is the color of hope, new life, sexuality, and Pure Will Realized. This is Luciferian philosophy.

This was laid out pointedly in the recent release “The Green Lantern”, a film about an ordinary man named Hal Jordan who discovers the extraordinary power made possible by committing himself to Green Power.

Once he marries himself to Green Power (by putting on an actual wedding ring), he finds himself transported to an exclusive location of like-minded beings who tell him, “Whatever you can visualize will be made real.” Pure Will, realized. Not God’s will. Human Will. INDIVIDUAL Human Will. Check the Satanic Bible.

Message: The Man of Green saves the world, by Pure Individual Will alone
He is the Messiah of the Cabalist’s satanist lore, which posits that evil and destruction are necessary to the process of creation.

That is precisely what happens both in Green Lantern, and Avengers.


Names are important in Illuminati-sponsored projects.

The Hulk is the final, unstoppable “hero” of the film. The name of the “normal” human character is David Banner. This name means, literally, “the man who carries the banner of the House of David”. David was the King of Israel, from whom Jesus of Nazareth was said to descend. Does this mean that the Hulk is a Christian? Hardly.

This is a reference to the rumor that the Illuminati have kept in wait a scion of the House of David. This scion will emerge as a fighting hero and the elect leader of the New World Order. The Savior of Humanity against invaders, a planned false invasion, likely.

Going back to Green Lantern, consider the name of the main character “Hal Jordan”. “Hal” is a shortened form of the name “Henry”, with the associated meanings “chief”, “ruler of the house”, “commander”, etc. “Jordan” refers to the River Jordan in Israel. We’re back to the Banner of the House of David, and the Illuminati in general.

Who are the “Chitauri”?

“Tauri” is a term meaning “Earth Human”, used in the extremely popular and decade-long sci-fi series Stargate SG-1 (also Stargate: Atlantis). “Chi” is the English (Hanyu-Pinyin) transliteration of the Mandarin word meaning “to eat or devour”. The Chitauri, enemies of total freedom, aim to devour Humanity by removing Will from the species.


The Controlling Elite have plans in the works. They have long seeded the mind of the general population with expectations; they have long directed the weak-minded towards their designs.

Many questions remain:

Why Norse mythology? Why Loki and Thor?
Why war?
Why invasion? Why not commerce, and negotiation?
Why isn’t everything going okay?

Norse mythology can wait. As for the coming need for war, the answer is that Humanity is at war with itself, and it will not cease to be at war with itself until it confronts its own demons.

The Illuminati intend to create chaos and hell, then “remove” it. That is why, in Iron Man 2, they said two things:

“If you make God bleed, people will no longer believe. There will be blood.”

“I have successfully privatized world peace.”

Koran Regards Kabala as Apostasy  by David Livingstone 

also by D. Livingstone – “Progress” = Satanic Possession of Humanity

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First comment from Andrew:

This is one of Aspen’s best submissions. We are indebted to him for taking time to watch this retched movie and reporting his understanding of the symbols employed. He offers his observations as speculations, so why criticize his interpretations as though he is misleading us. He is explaining why we do NOT want our children to see this movie for the same reason we wouldn’t want them to watch a bang rape in progress.

In The Republic, Plato expounds at length why LIFE IMITATES ART. People (particularly young people) learn mostly by imitation. Obviously REVENGE is not a lesson we want our children to learn, because it is counter to Buddhism, Christianity and practically every benevolent philosophy and religion in the world. 


(l. Manitoba legislature)

Aspen notes, “Loki offers the Chitauri easy subjugation of Earth, and in exchange he requires governorship of the planet.” HenryMakow.com is dedicated to the proposition that the enemies of the everyday man are right here on planet Earth. This movie misdirects young minds to look into outer space for evil. The “quiet elite” don’t want us to notice them. 

Henry~~the next time you drive down Broadway look up at the stature in front of the Manitoba Legislative Building. That is all the evil the everyday people of Winnipeg needs to notice. But, thanks to The Avenger, the kids will think about evil from another world. Aspen is right on. 

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