The American Problem



Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem
Chair of West Midland Palestine Solidarity Campaign

by J. Bruce Campbell


There is something wrong in the American make-up. A fatal flaw in the American mentality. It’s always been there, from the very beginning, and it’s still there, as we see in bootleg videos from Iraq, from Guantanamo Bay, from American airports and from the dashboard cameras of police cars. But hell, we could see it with the extermination of the bison. Something very wrong, akin maybe to what’s wrong with Africans. Something beyond trashy.

The reader probably knows about this writer’s calls for a defensive movement against Jewish aggression. And I will continue to do so because it is something we can counter. But the fact is that in addition to the Jewish Problem, which is correctable, there is an American Problem, which has not been correctable up to this time. Perhaps if it were recognized and acknowledged, parents of the future could be shown how to prevent cruelty and callousness in their children. But for now, as Americans, we should face and understand the sadistic streak that exists in the American mind.

The world has an American Problem. With our military based in about a hundred thirty countries, that’s pretty obvious. No doubt much of this stems from Jewish control of America, but that doesn’t explain everything. It doesn’t explain the American policy of Indian extermination that has been followed without interruption since the first Thanksgiving celebration by the Pilgrims. We really don’t know how many American Indians were exterminated by pioneer Americans and then by the American government, but it was in the multiple millions. The extermination program continues to this day with the genocidal medical and nutrition programs mandated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs for our internal exiles who are in Bantustans we call “reservations” around the western states, most of them on the bleakest land imaginable. The American Indians are still intended by the US government to disappear.

The American Indian policy was the prototype for American treatment of all designated enemies. It is the blueprint followed closely by the Israelis in their extermination program for the native Palestinians. It was followed by Lenin and Trotsky in Russia, by Stalin and Khrushchev in Ukraine, by Eisenhower in Germany. Andrew Jackson typifies the American split personality. He ennobled himself in his struggle against the privately-owned central bank but disgraced himself in the ethnic cleansing of the Southern states, uprooting the Indians and forcing them to march all the way to “Indian Territory,” now called Oklahoma, so that the colonists (“settlers”) could steal their lands. Really no different from Jewish colonists (“settlers”) stealing Palestinian lands.

Before the final act of 19th Century Indian annihilation, the Americans attacked the Southern states for four years, from 1861 to 1865. The Confederates weren’t technically Americans anymore, deciding to withdraw from federal dominance and depredations, which several states today are also reconsidering. The first American warlord, Lincoln, ordered his two sadistic generals, Phil Sheridan and Bill Sherman, to wage unconditional warfare against the former Americans. Sheridan gained infamy for his total destruction of everywhere he went, most notably the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Sherman distinguished himself by burning down the city of Atlanta and many other communities.

These two mass murderers were sent west by Andrew Johnson and then US Grant to finish off the Indians, which they did mercilessly from 1868 to 1890, with the help of their bloodthirsty torpedoes, Custer, Chivington and other mass murderers, some of whom got their just deserts near the Little Bighorn River in 1876. Custer had been slaughtering non-combatants and women and children since 1868 at the Washita River, in addition to hanging warriors unlucky to be captured, for the next eight years. The commanding officer, Sheridan, was the one who famously said, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.” Sherman had lost his mind during his Southern depredations but Grant allowed these two degenerates to indulge their homicidal talents to the fullest. Estimates of the original Indian population of what is today the US are as high as twelve million. By the 1900 census, the American Indian population was about 236,000. Today it stands at less than two million full-blooded Indians. There are more Jews than that just in New York City alone.

This extermination program set the stage for what is really the Unknown War, or what we did in the Philippine Islands for two or three years around 1900, during what was called the Spanish-American War. Simply put, our wonderful boys slaughtered approximately one million Filipinos. As Mark Twain pointed out, Spanish colonialism was replaced by American colonialism. This was where the US Army first started water-boarding prisoners.

“In 1899 the US found itself engaged in a counter-insurgency in the Philippines. While Lincoln’s General Orders were still standard operating procedure, power had devolved to regional commanders who elevated torture as a legitimate means of extracting information from uncooperative Filipinos. From 1901 to 1903, the US Army implemented salt diets, ten-second hangings, skin stripping, water deprivation, finger stretching, and the famous “water-cure,” pouring gallons of water –– typically salted –– down a Filipino’s throat and expunging the water by stomping on the victim’s gut.”

George Bush’s torture: History’s road— The US and the Philippine

The Philippines was also where we started concentration camps for the families of the resistance.  That’s where most of the million Filipinos died, in our concentration camps.  The British were doing the same thing at the same time to the Boers in South Africa, but they only killed about 11,000 Dutch women and children.

I’m kind of getting ahead of myself, leaving out the Peculiar Institution of American slavery which officially ended in 1865, which had originated at the very birth of the European invasion of the New World. But it originated with White slaves and continued with White slaves, who were just as numerous and more cruelly mistreated than the African slaves. And, as Michael A. Hoffman reveals, it was not “indentured servitude,” but lifetime slavery and even inherited slavery of Whites. African slaves were considered more valuable than Irish or English slaves.

The forgotten slaves

Lincoln the emancipator didn’t like black people. He planned to send them all back to Africa. In speeches and conversations before and during his presidency he made clear his contempt for black people and his intent to maintain superiority over them. To be fair, most Americans, Yankee and Southern, felt the same way. But we should get the idea out of our heads that Abraham Lincoln was some kind of humanitarian, or that his war had anything to do with ending slavery. In a debate with Stephen Douglas he said, “We have abolitionists in Illinois… We hanged one the other day.”

He didn’t deliver his Emancipation Proclamation until a year and a half after the war started, and it only referred to black slaves in the states not under federal control. It didn’t emancipate slaves in the border states or in areas of Southern states where the federals were in charge! In other words, it was a sanctimonious piece of lying, hypocritical crap that put “freed” Negroes into the Union army to be killed.

Many if not most of the American slave ships were owned by Rhode Island Jews, but this piece isn’t about Jews, it’s about the American Problem. Abraham Lincoln is the patron saint of the American Problem. His lies, his tyranny and bloodlust and warmongering got about 620,000 American men killed, plus an unknown number of Southern women and children, in just four years. He still holds the record for killing Americans, who were under no illusions that they were fighting over slavery. Who the hell would have fought, killed and died for such a crazy idea? They all had relatives who’d been slaves! I have relatives who were Irish slaves. Slavery was American and the American flag flew over the slave quarters before and during the war. Lincoln didn’t get around to freeing the slaves in his own neighborhood (Washington, DC) until a year after the war started! US Grant had a slave of his own until 1848, left to him by his father. White slaves could escape and blend in in a white society but it was much more difficult for Negroes, considering the US Supreme Court endorsed and upheld slavery officially only four years before the war started, and said that Negroes were chattel property and could not be taken away from their owners without due process! (Dred Scott v. Sandford, 1857) In other words, slavery was officially upheld by the US government until 1865, in the North!

Just about everything we thought we knew about American slavery is a lie, along with just about everything we think we know about America, too.

The “Civil War” killed America dead. It killed the soul of America and led to our eventual self-destruction right along with our hapless victims, the Indians and the Southerners. And it wasn’t even a civil war, which requires both sides to be fighting for control of the central government. The Southerners didn’t want control of the Union, they just didn’t want to be part of the Union. The Civil War was a war to prevent Southern independence. The Yankees wanted that Southern cotton and they didn’t give a damn how it got picked. And they wanted it at a cheaper price than the Europeans were willing to pay, and that required slavery. They wanted Southerners to pay them tariffs on goods from Europe, i.e., not from Yankee factories. In other words, they wanted it all. Southern cotton and tobacco at cheap prices and Southerners paying them high prices for Northern goods. Which sounds pretty Jewish, I admit. But it was sanctimonious Yankee greed and Christian hypocrisy, doubtless influenced by their Jewish moneylenders on Wall Street.

The US Constitution and Bill of Rights were dead, murdered by Lincoln and the radical Republicans, who illegally rammed three amendments onto the Constitution, one to free the slaves, one to make us all slaves and one to give the vote to the freed Negroes, which was a big joke and still is, as we saw in 2000 and 2004.

So now we have votes counted by computers, with no clue who programs those computers or how the vote is counted by those computers, or any way to tell who voted for what! Voting pretty much defines the American Problem. Anyone who votes for anything is a damn fool who still believes in fairy tales. Just have a quick look at Bev Harris’ and the PBS show, “Hacking Democracy.”

Well, that’s the passive aspect of the American Problem. I’m more interested in the active aspect – the sadism and cruelty of Americans when they are given power over others. Like say, a badge and a gun. Or just a gun with the authority to use it on others. Like a roughneck with a water hose, there’s nothing more dangerous than an American with authority over others. How do we, in our private thoughts, deal with Abu Ghraib? Or the screaming sadists at Guantanamo Bay prison? An American military prison in Cuba? The Yankee sadists are fully aware that every one of the “detainees” is totally innocent and that virtually all of them will be released with no explanation or apology after years of torture, as hundreds already have been released. They know this and still they do it, day in and day out, right as you’re reading this. How do we explain this to ourselves?

How do we explain the American justice system which promises violent rape and torture in our state and federal prisons, especially for non-violent crimes? But the entire US justice system is based on lying police and manufactured evidence and crooked judges who couldn’t care less. Remember Frederic Whitehurst, the supervisor in the FBI crime lab who revealed that the “Bureau” routinely supplies fake evidence to prosecutors?

Prosecutors. Most if not all prosecutors need a little taste of their own medicine. Prosecutors have no morality and no interest in “justice.” All they have is a hunger for convictions. Time after time, DNA proves that innocent people were telling the truth but do the merciless prosecutors ever show any remorse for destroying lives? Time after time, all they show is sullen indifference to their “mistakes.”

American behavior during and after World War II was pretty unbelievable. American sadism was allowed, it was encouraged, to go full-blown. The Greatest Generation surpassed the 7th US Cavalry in crimes against humanity. A lot of this was the result of the Federal Reserve destroying the US economy for twelve years leading up to Pearl Harbor. A dirt-poor Texas orphan who never in his life played a game or had a pair of boots found a home in the US Army and to show his appreciation went on to murder 248 Germans and become the “most highly decorated soldier” of World War II. But Audie Murphy would need psychiatric care to deal with his guilt, bursting into tears while watching post-war newsreels of starving German orphans. “Maybe I killed their fathers,” he’d sob.

But I’d say that James Stewart pretty much epitomizes what I’m saying about the flaw in the American make-up. What would make a highly successful and likeable guy such as Jimmy Stewart go to Europe and drop bombs on people he’d never met, who had not threatened him in the slightest? And if we knew that, could we do anything about today’s idiots in Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan and Libya? Jimmy Stewart flew twenty missions as lead pilot in a B-24. He bombed Schweinfurt, Frankfurt, Bremen and Brunswick. Have you ever seen pictures of those bombed-out cities? He personally led the thousand-plane air raid on Berlin. Any concept of how many Germans he killed in their homes? After his killing spree, he came back and resumed his amiable personality on film. But he wasn’t through killing! In 1966, with the rank of Air Force brigadier general, he participated in another air raid, dropping 1,000 pound bombs on North Vietnam.

This is the American Problem. There are some very scary people walking around that you might think are completely normal. Until you see the dark side. Until you say something they don’t like. Until you give them some power.

I was having breakfast with a toolpusher in Santa Paula, California years ago. We were drilling an oil well nearby. Thinking he’d been in the Pacific, I told him about Eisenhower and Operation Keelhaul. He never heard of it. So I described what the American soldiers had done after the war, rounding up several million Russians and Cossacks and Europeans and putting them in boxcars and sending them to Stalin to be killed. At some point he put his fork down and said, “I was there.”

“You were where?”

“Austria, Italy – what you’re talking about. I was doing that.”

“I thought you were in the Pacific.”

“Nope. Europe… You know, I hadn’t thought of that in all these years.”

“Uh, huh!”

“That was a real bad deal. I thought they were Germans.”

“Some of them were. But they were just people who’d thought they’d escaped from Stalin. Eisenhower did him a big favor. A lot of them were shot when they got off the train in Hungary. Most of them went into the Gulag and were worked to death in a few months.”

Pete looked stricken. I said, “Okay, what if you knew who they were, back then?” He thought about it.

“Boy, I don’t know. I was nineteen and I was following orders. We’d round up maybe five thousand people a day and they’d be processed. Then we started putting them on the trains, like ten thousand a day for months. A lot of them killed themselves to keep from going wherever they thought they were going.”

I know what he’d have done if he’d known. He’d have done the exact same thing. That’s the American Problem.

Have you ever heard of James Bacque? Have you read either of his two books on Eisenhower’s extermination of Germans after WWII? Starving to death over a million German POWs by the end of 1945? Then starving to death between nine and thirteen million German civilians by 1949? Probably never heard of that. Someone said to me one time, “Well, why didn’t the Germans complain about it?” I said, “Complain to  the Americans? To Eisenhower?”  Where do you get Americans who’ll starve helpless people to death?  Ike didn’t have any problem finding them.

Have you studied how the Americans carefully chose Hiroshima and Nagasaki for their experiment on the effects of uranium and plutonium explosions and radiation and fallout on pristine cities full of normal people? Exactly why the Japanese attempts at surrender were turned down until the second bomb was dropped?

Do you know that American soldiers in Afghanistan crowded captives into steel shipping containers in the hot sun and cooked them to death? To enhance the terror and agony, they’d shoot holes in the containers, to let some air in, which was probably merciful to the ones that got hit.

Do you have any idea what our American assholes actually do to their victims in Gitmo?

I don’t like writers who tell you about a problem but don’t offer a solution, which is pretty much what I’ve been doing here.

There is a solution but it requires a violent, bloody revolution to overthrow the nasty bastards who have seized control of this country. Readers mostly don’t like to read that.

Everything that’s been done to our victims needs to be done to the private policymakers. Now, we don’t need them to eat DU and we don’t need to put them in containers, but we do need to get it in our minds that what they did to the Iraqi leaders, for example – a very simple thing – needs to be done to those private policymakers in Manhattan. What they did to the German leaders at Nuremberg – a very simple thing – must be done to them.

This is the only possible solution to the American Problem. Americans need a big shock, a big slap in the face, to make them grow up and stop with the arrested development. I think the reason that Americans are so soul-less and twisted is because there has been no justice – ever. Americans are a very messed-up people. Underlying everything has been our history of slavery and extermination which everyone knows about and pretends to forget – our not-so-ancient history. I admit that most Americans who weren’t in the Korean or Vietnam Wars probably don’t know about American atrocities in those places, although the veterans know what they did. But adult Americans today know that we’ve slaughtered millions of people since 9/11 and they try to escape from this grisly fact with drugs, alcohol and sports and other perversions.

The slap-in-the-face would be the extraordinary renditions and extra-judicial executions of the self-appointed policymakers who are responsible for millions of murders of mainly Moslems. This is the only way to break the American cycle of serial massacres of totally innocent people, wherever they live. The only way to knock off this airport crap of molesting kids and weak-kneed adults and IRS tyranny and bad behavior by cops and prosecutors is what used to be known as frontier justice. When cops go bad, when the civil justice system breaks down, when combinations too powerful for the ordinary course of judicial proceedings are in charge, then the people say, okay – what are we going to do? Mostly, on the frontier, they didn’t hire “regulators;” they took the law into their own hands. They balanced things out. They became vigilant. I’m not excusing the basic underlying problem of conquest with no consideration or honor on the frontier, but those people did not allow thugs to run the show, the way we do.

Where else should the law be, but in our own hands? Why have we hired the scum of society and thugs to be our bosses? Where is it written that we do that? What contracts have we signed to give them power over us?

Do not vote. Do not give anyone even fake power over you. The time has come to seize back actual power from the liars and destroyers of our lives. The American government is our deadliest enemy, controlled as it is by bankers and their assorted private scum and thugs in various official positions. But the American government has been allowed to metastasize by the American people, and this is the American Problem. It can only be solved by a relatively small number of Americans who have grown up and accepted the responsibility for our survival. We’ll only survive if we deserve to survive. And that means our willingness to remove the scum.

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