The Anti-Defamation League has created a list of the top 10 “anti-Israel” groups. Number six is the International Solidarity Movement:

International Solidarity Movement (ISM): Following Israel’s imposition of an economic blockade on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip in 2007, calls for “solidarity with Gaza” and efforts to “break the siege” have become significant themes of the anti-Israel movement.
The International Solidarity Movement (ISM), founded in 2001, has played a uniquely important role promoting this agenda. Since its inception, ISM has brought volunteers to Israel to protest against the Israeli military’s presence and operations in the Palestinian territories, including weekly protests alongside Palestinians against Israel’s construction of the security fence. 
Despite its claims of “non-violent” tactics, protest actions organized by ISM sometimes escalate into violent confrontation and ISM has not shied away from putting its volunteers in harm’s way, which has had fatal consequences. ISM has also expressed support for the efforts of terrorist organizations that target Israel, and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned that its activity “at times” is “under the auspices of Palestinian terrorist organizations.”
In 2007, ISM leaders launched the Free Gaza Movement, a campaign that has since sent eight boat missions to Gaza in an effort to “break the siege.” Its latest boat mission, a flotilla of six ships that attempted to reach Gaza in May 2010, was coordinated with Insani Yardim Vakfi (IHH), a pro-Hamas Turkish group, and resulted in a violent clash between the Israeli Navy that raided the ships and the activists on board.

It’s a badge of honor to be attacked by racist careerist thugs like those who run the ADL. Thanks Abie.

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