By Gilad Atzmon

So the Goyim can learn first hand about the vile t of Jewish Power.

So the Goyim grasp once and for all that their democratically elected politicians better keep their thoughts to themselves.
So the Goyim accept once and for all the primacy of Jewish suffering.
So the Goyim can turn a blind eye to all those Shoa inflicted by the Jewish State,Stalin’s Jews and Ziocons.
So we remember never to forget to ask the most crucial and appropriate questions:
1. why is Jewish history an endless chain of Holocausts?
2. Can the Jews liberate themselves and the rest of us of their past?
3. Can we transform the Holocaust into a universal message against racism, oppression  and discrimination?
4. Can the Jewish State follow such a universal message? Can the so-called Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist follow such a universal message?

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics, the lobby, the power and Jewish ‘progressive’  spin in particular 

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