Thank you, Hind Najjar for reaffirming Arab generosity

Dear editor

My heart is bleeding for the people of Lebanon. On Tuesday, the August 4th explosion has killed hundreds and left thousands wounded, billions of dollars in damages, and over 300,000 people homeless. This terrible catastrophe comes at a dire time for Lebanon as the country has been grappling with an economic collapse and global pandemic, leaving much of the country impoverished and already in need of humanitarian assistance. This level of devastation is simply indescribable.

هند تبرعت بمصروفها لأبناء لبنان: كنت عاوزة اشتري حاجات كتيرة لكن أنتم اهم!

Source: (Saida online, August 10, 2020)

In the aftermath of the Beirut blast, an amazing 10-year-old Egyptian girl Hind Najjar decided to donate her weekly spending money of 100 pounds (100.00 EGP = $ 6.18 USD ) to the victims of the Beirut blast. Social media went wild with her story after she wrote on her 100 pound bill, “I wanted to buy so many things, but you’re more important.”  Shaima Najjar, Hind’s older sister said, “My sister donated her spending money after she was deeply moved by watching the news of blood, bleeding children on the street, overcrowded hospitals, and the utter destruction of Beirut port district and much of the capital.” Source: (Saida online, August 10, 2020)
Yes, Arabs are known to be generous, even before Islam. 

Arabs will host you and feed you for three days without asking the purpose of your visit. Arabs take pride in generosity and hospitality. For that, thank you, Hind Najjar, for setting a good example for others to follow and for reaffirming Arab generosity! 

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