Test Questions For Working Media People


See if you or others can pass this quiz:

  1. What is the difference between news and war propaganda?

  2. Are the world’s central banks a part of sovereign governments?

  3. What is the difference between “fascism” and government subsidies?

  4. Define difference between democracy and representative Republic?

  5. What is meant by “dialectic” or the left/right dialectic?

  6. Why have a constitution? What is/was its purpose?

  7. How is political consistency defined? Is it important?

  8. Is there a connecting thread between history of wars?

  9. Would history of wars rank higher than celebrity titillation stories? What determines the rankings?

  10. Did you learn in your schooling that the assassination of an obscure personage in Serbia was the cause of WW1?

  11. At any time were you taught or encouraged to doubt that “famous version of history”? What makes WW1 important today? If it isn’t, How so?

  12. Did your schooling teach you to think critically about these things? How so?

  13. Would you rather have multiple choice answers?

  14. What is the history and significance of the City of London?

  15. How did “capitalism get started?

  16. Is racism a bad thing? Is discrimination a bad thing?

  17. Why is it not bad for Israel’s government to practice both?

  18. Why is national sovereignty a bad thing? If yes, Since when?

  19. Do powerful secret societies exist? If no, then who did this thing to the world? Evolution? What is the meaning of Conspiracy?

  20. Why is it forever only a theory?

Did you give or take this little test? How did you do? How did the “other” do? Answers follow, subjective of course:

  1. Today there is no difference between war propaganda and news, That only happened in Nazi Germany.

  2. No, “Central” banks are part of global government buyers, but that is okay, or kosher as they say.

  3. According to public and privatized schools fascism only occurred in Italy and Germany in the 1930s. Subsidies, or crony capitalism is not nasty fascism, even tho it is exactly that.

  4. Democracy is mob or majority rule; representative republic is legislation by elected people who are honest and smart enough to make just law for all, regardless of majority screamers.

  5. Some smart German political philosopher named Hegel figured that by splitting the mob into two opposed camps, the money at the top can dominate real issues by getting the two factions to be more loyal to their faction platforms than to truth.

  6. A Constitution limits or restricts government.

  7. Political consistency must be believing one’s own rhetoric, fancy word for bullshit, so long as it seems to please the paymaster atop Hegel’s dialectic.

  8. Only if one looks for it. People are unevolved with animal tendencies so wars are simply inevitable.

  9. Celebrity pabulum is the life-blood of commercial media, and always trumps difficult topics like what and who is enslaving us.

  10. No, of course not, What was WW1? You know, that was like. forever ago, man.

  11. What is Serbia, what do you mean obscure? Didn’t they make a movie?

  12. Number 10 and 11 were answered by teachers not students.

  13. You make it too hard by asking us to explain.

  14. We don’t know.

  15. You betcha!

  16. Didn’t the Beatles come from there?

  17. People were paid money for labor, and put it in the banks.

  18. They are both awful.

  19. Israel got a pass from God.

  20. Since a sovereign government has the power to stamp down private banks.

  21. Surely it evolved. Would God do such a thing?

  22. Science says theories are only theorems, not proof.

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