Tehran to honor American Activist Rachel Corrie





A conference is to be held in Tehran to mark the anniversary of the death of American peace activist Rachel Corrie who was killed by Israeli forces in 2003.

The event slated for Monday March 14 is titled “Which rights, which human, which American?”

The event will bring together representatives from 30 NGOs who are gathering to condemn the inhumane killing of the American peace activist at the hands of the Israeli regime, said Mehdi Foroutan, who also is the director of the Enqelab Eslami (Islamic Revolution) Cultural Center.

He added that over the past eight years the US has neither strongly objected to Tel Aviv over Corrie’s tragic death, nor has it taken serious measures to assert the late activist’s rights.

Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old American peace activist from Olympia, Washington, was crushed to death in the Gaza Strip by an Israeli bulldozer on March 16, 2003, when she intervened to prevent a Palestinian home from demolition.

The Israeli Army claimed her death was due to the bulldozer driver’s restricted angle of view. Eyewitnesses, however, say there was nothing to obscure the driver’s view.

Through her death, Rachel Corrie has become a worldwide symbol of the Palestinian struggle. In an interview with Press TV, Craig and Cindy Corrie, Rachel’s parents, discussed taking up their daughter’s cause and working toward the liberation of not only the Palestinians but all oppressed people around the world.

Almost to the day 8 years ago, Rachel Corrie stood in front of an Israeli bulldozer attempting to destroy a Palestinian home, which subsequently ran over her, crushing her body and ending her life.

Currently, the Corries are pursuing a trial in an Israeli court to bring the perpetrators of their daughter’s death to justice. Craig and Cindy Corrie discussed the role of the U.S. government in the trial and investigation into Rachel’s death.

The Corries also discussed the seeming lack of communication between the U.S. government and its Israeli ally into the particulars of their daughter’s death.Cindy Corrie said she was disturbed by the difficulty in obtaining information about her daughter’s death yet the seeming ease in communication when it comes to the US funding Israel.

Though most people know Rachel for the way she died, the Corries remember the life she lived and changes she wanted to see in the world around.

Tehran to Honor Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie’s parents keep her work alive

Source: PRESS TV

Rachel Corrie – Interview

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