Sudan cracks down on NGOs’ dissident voices Sudans government is targeting civil society in an attempt to stifle the country’s few remaining independent voices, says an official of a leading NGO. “They don’t want anybody who will find a venue and the forum to tell truth to power. The civil society is the only body that is doing this job because the media is totally under the control of the government,” said Al-Baqir Mukhtar, director of the Al-Khatim Adlan (above) Center for Enlightenment and Human Development (KACE).
The Khartoum authorities recently revoked KACE’s registration and closed four other rights groups on the grounds that they were promoting a “political agenda,” allegations Mukhtar vehemently rejects. “We don’t follow any political agenda. If you speak about democracy, if you speak about peace, is that political agenda? We are civil society. We speak about cultural reforms; we speak about educational reform; we speak about peace through non-violence. If they consider this political, then they are wrong,” he told VOA.
[ed note:we have no political agenda,they claim telling it to cia front VOA!!!SIGH!Security forces also arrested Abdallah Abu Al-Reesh, the executive director of theSudanese Studies Center, after activists delivered a petition against the center’s closure to the National Human Rights Commission.
Sudan’s first Vice President this week cited a favorite book of Osama bin-Laden to defend the suppression of pro-democracy NGOs.Ali Osman Taha told Sudan TV that NGOs were used by foreign intelligence agencies as an “interface” to promote their agendasBut a preliminary examination of the conspiratorial text does not verify Taha’s claims, the Sudan Tribune reports.Contrary to such assertions, KACE operates openly and transparently, and enjoys a diverse range of funding, the Tribune reportsMany of its different activities are funded by foreign embassies in Khartoum, and international foundations. KACE is also working on a project about the reform of school curriculum funded by the National Endowment for Democracy and another one related to the civil society participation in public affairs supported by the Open Society Institute.
[ed note:LMAO..national endowment is a CIA front group,involved in overthrow of governments around world,as is soros open society,wtf you mean those ngo’s arent subversive tools? LOL som backround on NED and open society(just a few)..

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