It is now high time for Swedish politicians and journalists to stop supporting terror in Syria. For almost two years, terrorist bombings, kidnappings and ambushes have been living for nearly 23 million people in Syria.Poor well-informed and ignorant of the situation in the Middle East had many Swedish politicians and journalists at an early stage fooled by the propaganda that was spread over the world. There was talk early in the demonstrations organized by peace activists and democracy advocates.
The extreme Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and their international supporters wanted of course by all means keep up with the train, the so-called “Arab Spring” and draw legitimacy from the popular demonstrations that took place in Tunisia and Egypt.reality in Syria, however, was from day one one completely different.Right from the protests first day killed Syrian policemen and soldiers. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad himself has on several occasions asked the Western powers, of course, no response, how well-trained policemen and soldiers were killed, day after day by these “peace activists” and “democratization zealot.” ”Dog Soldiers of sound shock of peace activists whistling” asked Assad. , Swedish media chewed However, the support for the “popular” uprising and of these peace activists.
In order to maintain the distorted image was the lies of the regime over time more and more preposterous. , the Syrian government was accused of planting bombs on key Syrian social institutions – even though its very existence, and ultimately the regime’s own life hangs by a thread named the ability to maintain stability and law and order in Syria. It was until they were behind the killing of their own policemen and soldiers – as if they did not have enough problems to deal with.Brotherhood’s well-funded attacks. After the United States, NATO and its allies in the Middle East (hardline dictatorships like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan) openly started supporting Wahhabis in Syria violence grew rapidly. The attacks followed one another, we performed mass executions of soldiers and civilians suspected of collaborating with the government.
Minority groups such as Christians and Alawites happened particularly bad, groups previously been able to live with a high degree of security in Syria. Churches were looted and vandalized, and civilians were taken hostage. The terrorists, who were now called activists, proudly showed movies of summary executions, inventories of monasteries and churches and how you took lots of civilians as hostages. But politicians and opinion leaders in the West remained silent and continued to support terrorists. , last week was murdered some 80 students in cold blood at the University of Aleppo.Western-funded and-armed terrorists took revenge for the lack of support from the civilian population by blowing up the well-stocked university building. University is Syria’s second largest, and has previously received several threats of terrorists.
Rebel Movement Jabhat al-Nusra, the largest and most fundamentalist of terror groups, also took directly on the deed. , it is now high time to condemn all terrorism – and then also that performed directly by the United States, on behalf of the United States, or in the case of Syria, funded by the U.S. and its allies. It is high time to pull support from all the mörkmän using terror and mass murder of civilians to force the country and the people a regime that they do not want. MARC Abramsson National Democrats

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