Syrian Foreign Ministry to UNSC: Militants Committed Massacres with Cold Blood



Syrian Foreign Ministry said terrorist militants committed the latest horrible massacre in the

country with cold blood.


syria massacres

In a letter sent to the United Nations Security Council, the UN General Secretariat and the Geneva human rights bodies, the ministry gave the details of the massacre which took place last Friday, saying there were misleading campaigns.

The ministry clarified that hundreds of gunmen gathered around the massacres’ place, adding they were armed with heavy weapons including anti-tank missiles, according to state news agency, SANA.

”The terrorists started the offensive at 2:00 pm on Friday, attacking the area from al-Rastan, Talbiseh and al-Qseir, savagely killing several families, including children, women and elders,” said the letter.
The Ministry also gave the names of the victims, stressing that Syria “is determined to find the terrorists and bring them to justice.”

“The children, women and men were assembled at specific areas, and had they been killed by shellfire as biased channels claim, there would have been dust all over them, while the images show that the massacre was committed in cold blood and from close distance,” the letter added.

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