Syrian Doctors Say They Have Treated No One From Duma with Chemical Poisoning

The Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Conflicting Parties told the media on Monday that Syrian doctors have said that they are not dealing with symptoms associated with chemical poisoning on patients.
“Syrian doctors in Douma have dismissed the rumors they had received patients suffering from chemical poisoning,” the center said.

“In an interview to the media doctor Yaser Abdel Majid, of the city hospital, said that they had never received patients with chemical poisoning either last weekend or since the beginning of hostilities in Syria,” the center continued.

The medics said that

“all those who had received their medical aid had ordinary injuries, fractures and fragmentation and gunshot wounds.”

Meanwhile ambulance driver Ahmed Saur also followed on from this report.

“On April 6-8 we had not a single patient suffering from chemical poisoning. Only ordinary war wounds,” he said.

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