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الجيش السوري يوسع سيطرته داخل عدرا البلد.. ويكثف نيرانه في جرود القلمون

The Syrian Army’s encirclement of ‘Adraa Town was more elastic than it first appeared.  We can now announce the total encirclement of all ‘Adraa, including the Worker’s Residential area with the choke hold tightening around largely depressed and under-supplied terrorists.  Even the Captagon is now depleted.  The terrorists must look themselves in the eye each day without the buffer of mind altering drugs.  Reports are that the SAA has moved into ‘Adraa Town and occupied new blocks formerly infested by the Obama rats of the Jabhat Al-Islam.  According to Monzer, hundreds of terrorists have been killed over the last 5 days of fighting here.

Doumaa:  New technology is producing more rat carcasses here as Nusra and Jaysh Al-Umma fight it out for territory, bragging rights and drugs.  Nusra is becoming increasingly erratic as it loses ground to ISIS and other predatory terrorist groups.

Somewhere in Damascus:  Zahraan ‘Alloosh, Obama’s favorite terrorist comic, is now accused of “high treason” by a gang calling itself “LiwaaUsood Al-Ghouta” (The Lions of the Ghouta Brigade. yawn).  In intercepted communications between rodents, he is targeted for death and may seek the protection of the Syrian government in exchange for his testimony regarding American, Saudi and Turk collaboration.  My source believes the U.S. is the country most interested in seeing him assassinated.  Talking about the Lions of Ghouta, they just lost their leader, Basheer Al-Ajwah (“Abu ‘Umar) the day before yesterday to the Grim Reaper.

NEW YORK AND DAMASCUS:  It is now clear that the United States has backpedaled on its claim that the Syrian government is illegitimate.  In New York City, Dr. Bashaar Al-Ja’afari was informed by the United States Pemanent Delegate to the U.N. that the U.S. was going to strike ISIS in Al-Raqqa, which it has done apparently today.  Also, Waleed Al-Mu’allim, Syria’s Foreign Minister, has received from America’s Secretary of State a memorandum indicating the U.S. was going to attack ISIS on Syrian soil.  These contacts are viewed under international law as constituting recognition.  The charade may be over.

In the meantime, the rhetoric of vilification is reaching a crescendo between the Iranian/Russian Alliance and the Pro-Terrorism Axis led by the United States.  President Rouhani of Iran has warned the U.S. that it’s actions in Syria are illegal without coordination with the Syrian government. That is exactly the position of Sergei Lavrov speaking on behalf of Vladimir Putin.  It seems that unless Obama achieves some level of sobriety, we are headed for a tragedy of errors once again occasioned by the reckless Neo-Cons and the female dunderheads populating the D.C. Beltway.


Here is a must-read for all SyrPer followers:

FC Steven M Barry USA RET (Thanks, Steve, Ziad)



Today at 1:45 AM

It does not matter if the video posted by “R” was manufactured or not.
The simple fact is that it is true that US military and CIA advisors are
advising Nusra, etc. They have been from the beginning. Along with Brit
SAS. By God’s providence, a fake video tells the truth.
Remember a couple of years ago a US advisor took a “selfie” of himself
at the site of SAA attack helicopter shoot-down? He was a 10th Special
Forces Group soldier. He was not the only one at that place. 10 SFG has
a Forward Operation Base (FOB) in Turkey. 10 SFG advisors (and “others”)
have been rotating in and out of Syria from Turkey since 2012.
Regarding US air strikes that began yesterday in Syria… They are
impossible without either drones or SF teams on the ground using a Laser
Target Designator (LTD) . I know. I used to do that. So Syria has
already been invaded by US ground forces.
Syria’s anti-aircraft defenses will be the first thing targeted for
suppression. There are “holes” in all anti-aircraft radar coverage. The
US Air Force already has those holes “mapped.” LTD teams will be
infiltrated by helicopter through those holes. The first things targeted
will be the AA radars and the C&C vans. The missiles themselves are a
“mop up.”
If there is any terrain within line-of-sight to an AA instillation (or
any other critical Command and Control instillation) it must be occupied
by SAA or NDF out to a distance of at least 3000 meters (or, best, 5000
meters). The US LTD teams will be 4 or 6 man teams.
Drones…. Predators fly at about 100 mph (or slightly more). Enough said.
I am praying for Syria,

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