AL-LAYRAMOON:  17 skunks belonging to Nusra were killed as they tried to break the Army’s grip on the iron cordon placed around northern Aleppo. The attack was typical of Nusra: a small van loaded with TNT and C-4 driven by a smiling idiot who thinks that by blowing himself into smithereens on the word of some Islamist quack will secure for him a condo in Paradise peopled by beautiful angels from Stepford, Connecticut.  Not so.  The poor, demented runt went up in blazes when alert SAA fired an RPG at him atomizing his carcass.  When the dust settled, the SAA counted 17 vermin dead with the rest of their pack heading toward Turkey.  I have no names, yet.

Al-Sukkari Quarter:  ISIS killed Abu Mus’ab Al-Halabi of the Al-Jabha Al-Islamiyya on November 11, 2014.  He apparently refused to part with his favorite catamite.

Fighting reported in all these areas:  Journalists’ Assoc. in Aleppo, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Old City, Al-Marja, Al-Zabadiyya, Handaraat, Al-Ashrafiyya, Huraytaan, Al-Raashideen First Block.

Castillo Road:  A pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed and 3 rodents killed:

Mufeed ‘Izzeddeen Al-Baaz

Muhammad ‘Ali ‘Unaati

Yazan Bilaal Aksan


اغتيال أحد متزعمي

Bi`r Al-Suyyaah:  According to some sources, unknown assassins put the notorious rat leader, Ahmad Al-Masaalima, a/k/a Abu Muhammad Al-Soori, to death yesterday by emptying an entire cartridge into his writhing carcass.  At SyrPer, where the truth is found, we can tell our readers he was killed by a team of “cleaners” working in the Military Intelligence Directorate who are tasked with eradicating rodents like Al-Masaalima.  (There is a team specifically tasked with cleaning ‘Alloosh.)  That’s him in the picture above.  We’re sure he’s looked better such as when he was fighting in Afghanistan with the Taliban. This time, he made the mistake of joining Nusra, a transfer of loyalty that facilitated his swift descent into Hell.  Al-Masaalima hails from one of Der’ah’s largest clans.  They have our congratulations.

Nawaa:  Constant fighting.  The SAA killed a number of rodents yesterday and destroyed a reported 4 vehicles.  No other details known.

Fighting reported here: Abaazeed Quarter and Al-Manshiyya Quarter in Der’ah City.  Also, in Dayr ‘Adas, Busraa Al-Shaam, Bayt Al-Jamal east of ‘Itmaan, North Ibta’, SW Qarfa, Al-Samaaqiyyaat.


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