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We can now announce with total confidence the liberation of ‘Arraan by the SAA and its allies after engaging the terrorist murderers and thieves in extremely violent combat which saw the annihilation of all ISIS fortifications by both the SAF and the SAA artillery units. The fortifications in question were not only complex, but, also, supported by an even more complex network of tunnels and trenches. Backing that up, too, the ISIS rodents, commanded by mostly former Iraqi-Saddamist officers, booby-trapped all buildings with thousands of IEDs meant to slow down the advance of the Syrian Army. However, because the SAA is very familiar with the techniques used by Saddam’s army, the defenses were quickly destroyed and hundreds of terrorists were either killed or injured.

The army attacked from over 5 different positions using brand new T-90 tanks with armor impervious to the anti-tank weapons fielded by the vultures of ISIS. In a last ditch effort to block the progress of the SAA, ISIS deployed 5 separate suicide trucks loaded with almost all the explosives at its disposal and using suicide drivers from Pakistan, the Philippines and Iraq. All the trucks were destroyed before they could be used. The trucks were spotted by drones and were disclosed by government agents inside the town. Once the battle was over, the SAA and PDC pored over the area with the help of SAA engineers and carefully confiscated all remaining weapons, many of which had insignia from countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

‘Arraan looks down on the main supply route used by ISIS between Taadif and Al-Baab. The amount of diligence ISIS showed in this town is testament to its importance for their position at Al-Baab, a city the Erdoghani nincompoops cannot take under any circumstances. We are now 5 kms from Al-Baab.

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No matter how hard ISIS tries, it seems incapable of taking the airbase which is defended by a Republican Guard commando battalion under the leadership of the legendary Maj. Gen. ‘Issaam Zhahreddeen. It has poured thousands of its best vultures into this battle, redirected hundreds of terrorists from Mosul and Al-Raqqa, but, to no avail. Even with the help of the air forces of the EU and NATO stationed in Iraq, the rats can’t get any closer. And to make things worse for these social losers, the SAA has started to advance into parts of southern Dayr El-Zor City cutting all supply lines to trapped vermin inside at the following locations: Al-Tharda Axis in the direction of the Defense Camp Axis. In the process, our source in Damascus says ISIS lost 16 pickups armed with 23mm cannons, not to mention scores of killed and wounded.

Al-Jafra Village: Yesterday and today, the SAA destroyed 2 pickups with 23mm cannons and killed 12 rodents.

Yesterday, the SAAF flew sorties over Khinzeer (Hog) Hill, the Industrial Zone and Tharda crossroads killing many ISIS hyenas. At the Al-Siyaasiyya Bridge, a suicide truck was destroyed before it could reach its destination.



The story is about an airbase hardly ever mentioned in the chronicles of the Syrian War. It is called the Al-Seen Airbase which, for reasons having to do with its own self-image, ISIS is desperately trying to take over. It is located in the northeastern rural Damascus area. It is largely abandoned and used to function as a supply base. Yesterday and today, the ISIS move to occupy the base was blunted decisively at the eastern edges of the base in the Qalamoon. With the PDC fighting alongside it, the SAA managed to annihilate packs of ISIS rodents using artillery and rocket batteries recently received from Russia. At the Al-Imaraati Farms east of the base, the SAA moved forward after pummeling the rats with missiles and mortar fire taking over the Mansoor 1 and Mansoor 2 hilltops. In the process, the SAA destroyed 4 pickups with 23mm cannons, a tank and an armored car.



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