Syrian army


‘Irbeen:   A suburb northeast of Damascus.  A van with 4 skunks belonging to Al-Jabhat Al-Islamiyya was turned into a molten ball of fire.  The weapons and explosives aboard were ignited and lit the sky.  Only one rodent was identified:

Muhsin Zibeeb

‘Irbeen:  At the Al-Jawra Mosque, a flatbed carrying boxes of ammunition was stopped and the driver arrested.

Jawbar:  At both the Teachers’ Tower to the east and the Maysaloon Roundabout, the SAA killed another Nusra rat leader:

“Abu Saleem”  (Id pending)

Harastaa:  SAA cleaning out more blocks as rodents start to redeploy to other areas they believe are safer.  The movement here is slow because the rats have left a lot of booby traps and IEDs in cars.

الجيش السوري يبدأ المرحلة الثانية من عمليات القصير

Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer:  At the Town Roundabout, the SAA and NDF took 6 prisoners.

Baalaa Town:  All foreign rodents killed here from Nusra.  A large store of weapons and ammo seized and distributed to the NDF for killing Saudis and other kindred monkey-rats:


Maytham ‘Abdul-Jabbaar (IRAQI MOUSE VOMIT)

The other 9 could not be identified because they carried forged documents.


Al-Dumayr:  The SAA has advanced with uncharacteristic suddenness here.  The town is 45kms northeast of the capital on the Damascus-Baghdad Highway.  Now that the highway is clear, expect much more action in that direction.  There’s also a very important functioning airbase there.

Al-Rayhaan Farms:  Northeast of Doumaa Hills, Jaysh Al-Islam took a beating in a firefight.  JI has little reason to fight now that their rat leader, Zahraan ‘Alloosh, has started to negotiate his escape from the area.  Expect many to join the American-created ISIS or Nusra.  Yesterday, the SAA killed 7 and took many prisoners.

Doumaa:  Huge demonstration by residents against ‘Alloosh demanding his execution after they were forced to invade his silos of stolen merchandise.  The people wanted to eat and they knew who the thief was.

Al-‘Aaliyaa Farms:  Weapons and ammunition sent through to Jordan to ‘Alloosh have wound up in NDF hands now.

Al-Jarbaa in the Al-Nishaabiyya Farms area:  2 rodents killed yesterday as they were trying to steal some cheese:

Muhammad Ghussn

‘Ali Hassan Ismaa’eel

Al-Bihaariyya Farms:  4 rodents killed by NDF.  No names available.

Ayn Turma:  A pack of remnant rodents was picked off by SAA snipers and marksmen.  3 confirmed killed and 8 wounded.  No further details.

Kafr Hawr in the Qalamoon:  A nest of Nusra hyenas was annihilated by SAA and SAAF.  The number killed is estimated at 15 with many wounded.

Qaarra and ‘Assaal Al-Ward Foothils:  Nests of rodents destroyed.  5 confirmed killed at the latter.  More details forthcoming.


Anon sends this BBC report exposing the Norwegian government for its fakery and lies about that “heroic” Maltese boy in Malta pretending to be in Syria.  Hint: Danny the Syrian:

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