Syria/Idlib Chemical Attack Analysis: A ‘Theater of the Macabre’


Unsurprisingly, more or less every image of the sarin attack victims being circulated in international media seems to have involved the infamous White Helmets or bears their logo.

However many Nobel Peace Prizes they might get nominated for or however many Oscars they win, the White Helmets (funded by the US, UK and France) has already been extensively discredited and is a fake media/false-flag operation in the form of a Hollywood-ised NGO and embedded with Al-Qaeda and other jihadists in Syria (see here, or go straight to Vanessa Beeley’s work).

It should be enough that the White Helmets have previously been caught with Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda) and other extremist militias and have also been caught on numerous occasions faking videos or images to provoke Western powers into attacking the Syrian government: but the fact that CNN and various media outlets, along with various Western officials, have once again based their entire condemnation of the Assad government solely on ‘evidence’ provided by the White Helmets and foreign-backed rebels in Idlib is both highly suspect and business as usual.

Beeley describes the White Helmets as a ‘multi-million funded, conservatively speaking, 100 million dollars from the US, 23 million via USAID; from the UK around now 65 million – it was originally 19.7 million pounds and Boris Johnson announced a further 32 million. France is supplying equipment. Denmark, Germany, Holland and even Japan through the international agency in Japan’ and as ‘running a terrorist support group. They provide medical care for the terrorists, they funnel equipment in from Turkey into the terrorist areas…’

Moreover, she also concluded from her on-the-ground research that the White Helmets operation represents not only a fake war-propaganda operation, but a “parallel government in-waiting” designed – if all goes to plan – to replace the Assad-led, secular government of Syria.

Disobedient Media also makes some important observations, noting that ‘On April 3rd, 2017, an anti-Assad journalist tweeted that the next day he would be launching a media campaign to cover airstrikes on the Hama countryside, including the use of chemical weapons’.

Raising the question, of course, of how he knew there would be a chemical attack.

As the same posts notes, observers had also spotted (April 1st – three days before the ‘attack’) that a doctor in Khan Sheikhoun had received several shipments of gas masks in the days prior to the sarin attack. The same figure has previously been linked to the kidnapping of two journalists and to ISIS fighters.

As far as this latest sarin incident is concerned, the White Helmets footage seems to be the only source being parroted all over the world, including by President Trump and by the comically insincere Nikki Haley, who can be found waving photographs of dead children in the UN Security Council to shame everyone else into falling into line. If you thought Samantha Power was bad, Haley seems to find it impossible to even begin to fake sincerity and comes across like a really bad actress.

So, what about those images and videos of the sarin victims and – to quote President Trump – “the beautiful, beautiful babies”?

In fact, what should be widely circulated in regard to the recurring bogeyman of these alleged gas attacks by the Syrian regime is the analyses by the Swedish Doctors For Human Rights (SWEDHR). A group of medical experts of various descriptions have firmly exposed the White Helmets’ gas-attack videos (past and present) and images as fakes, consisting of both fake ‘life-saving’ practices and, worse, bleak malpractice on children.

In a thorough, detailed report published on March 17th, Proffessor Marcello Ferrada de Noli of the SWEDHR analysed the widely circulated video footage of the ‘White Helmets’ trying to save the lives of Syrian babies allegedly hit by gas attacks from the Syrian regime. This particular analysis centers on the gas attack in Sarmine in March 2015 (please read it – it is very thorough), and demonstrates meticulously that footage being circulated by CNN, Samantha Power and other anti-Assad propagandists was demonstrably staged/faked, with jihadist-aligned ‘White Helmets’ performing fake procedures with empty syringes on children that are either already dead or have been given drug overdoses.

These are opinions arrived at by independent medical experts and based on medical knowledge and careful analysis of the ‘evidence’ being provided. It concludes, ‘Lifesaving’ procedures on the children showed in the White Helmets videos were found to be fake, and ultimately performed on dead children.’

In regard to this current sarin attack of April 5th, an equally thorough analysis by Adam Larson at The Indicter Magazine builds on the same process of analysis. The conclusion is bleak.: ‘Surprisingly specific and hard-to-deny visual clues suggest rebels are murdering the victims themselves using different methods, and lodging false claims as cover, and to shift the blame’.

The real story is disturbing, to say the least, leading to an inescapable conclusion that rebel/jihadist operatives – in collusion with the Western-funded, Oscar-winning White Helmets – have not only been staging gas-attack videos and footage of victims, but may have been murdering the victims themselves via various means and then presenting them as Assad’s victims.

The widely circulated footage from the scene of the attack shows White Helmets’ operatives treating the victims in ways that don’t match established protocol for chemical-related attacks (lack of protective measures, and using bare hands instead of wearing gloves, for example). The comparison picture below is courtesy of the Willy Loman blog.

Just as disturbing, CNN and other mainstream media then use the rebels’ carefully-staged footage – and the heartbreaking footage of dead or dying babies – to convince international audiences (and President Trump) of the brutality of the Assad regime.

Moreover, just as the former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, was in direct collusion with Syrian rebels in bringing their staged footage of alleged chlorine or sarin victims to the UN in order to call for action against Assad, President Trump’s Ambassador, Nikki Haley, is now – in recent days – doing the precise same thing, waving those images around in the Security Council (and probably fully aware of their dubiousness).

Coming back to Proffessor Marcello Ferrada de Noli, in addressing previous White Helmets fakery and staged chemical attacks and their purpose being to create the no-fly zone in Syria, describes this dynamic as ‘The UN Theatre of the Macabre’: ‘The final scene of this “drama” is the closed-door session at the UN Security Council, where the White Helmets video we have referred to, took centre stage… the shocking scenes of children’s lifeless bodies being crudely manipulated and “arranged” combined with the theatrical and entirely ineffectual “life-saving” interventions – as depicted by the White Helmets movie – emotionally impacted upon the UN decision makers.’

He further pointed out the total sham of this entire UN process, however, by highlighting how the closed sessions of the Security Council simply had US and anti-Assad propagandists shaming other UN delegations into compliance via the images of dead or suffering children, but without providing any translations of the video content.

He wrote, ‘Unfortunately, UN officials were so distracted by the macabre performance they had just witnessed, that they did not think to ask for a translation of the various instructions being issued by the “medics” in the film SWEDHR took the time to get the dialogue in the White Helmet movie translated. At 1:16 the doctor in full light green and a gray & black jumper says: ”Include in the picture (meaning in the film or the frame -translators note) the mother should be underneath and the children on top of her, hey! Make sure the mother is underneath.”…’

Essentially, what it demonstrates is that these Western-funded propaganda videos and productions coming out of rebel-held areas could *easily* be debunked by any mainstream media organisation or government that had any genuine or neutral/unbiased interest in scrutinizing the ‘evidence’ instead of just rolling along with the propaganda line and citing ‘experts’ who ‘confirm’ that Assad carried out the chemical attack.

But, as we’ve long since learnt, there is no interest in objectivity and neutrality – only a pre-fabricated agenda and a vast, staged drama: now involving an Oscar-winning, Western-funded NGO on the ground, a one-sided propaganda exercise across international media, and theatrical performances by the likes of Nikki Haley in the UN and President Donald Trump in Washington.

As I noted previously concerning the White Helmets; this is “Syria, the Movie”: and it appears to have completely replaced Syria, the Reality.

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