Syria: US Increased Military Aid to Zio-NATO Rat's

Syria Rebels: US Increased Aid After Geneva Talks
The last few days of the Geneva II peace talks took place under the shadow of US arms transfers to Syrian rebels, with a lot of fear that the US was trying to undermine the deal. The talks ended with no deals, but a plan to resume mid-February.
Rebels are reporting that virtually the moment the talks ended, the US started pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to rebel commanders in Jordan. The money was given on condition that they pressure Assad in between the talks.
The rebels coming out of Jordan have moved against southern Syria in an offensive known as Geneva Horan, with 68 units trying to take over government territory in the area before the new talks begin next week.
Gulf states are reportedly also bankrolling the rebels, paying them monthly salaries and buying them large quantities of weapons. The US has reportedly promised “high quality weaponry” for the offensive within the next two weeks as well, which is sure to be a major topic of discussion at those next Geneva talks.

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