SYRIA TODAY 17: NGO Propaganda Who is Behind the Massacres in Syria? Avaaz Spreads Media Disinformation

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem, Sr
Global Research
avaaz propaganda

Avaaz, which presents itself as an alternative media and an independent voice, is part of a corporate public relations campaign. Avaaz will report on civilian casualties in Syria without mentioning the influx of US-Saudi sponsored terrorists.
Who is behind the atrocities in Syria?

Avaaz will casually blame the government of Bashar Al Assad for killing civilians.  It will accuse the government of using chemical weapons when the evidence amply confirms that the US-NATO-GCC supported rebels were behind the August 21st chemical weapons attacks.
The deployment of death squads supported by the Western military alliance is never mentioned.
Avaaz does not acknowledge that government forces are fighting a terrorist insurgency.
Nor do they mention that the US government has direct contacts with Al Qaeda affiliated rebels.
Avaaz calls for an opinion poll ahead of the Geneva talks.
Avaaz calls for a ceasefire.
That ceasefire can be achieved if the US and its NATO and GCC allies cease their support to the Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists.
Let Syrians decide says Avaaz.
Who are the warring parties, Avaaz is silent on the matter. Is this a civil war or a war of aggression?
The atrocities are not being committed by government forces but by paid mercenaries. The Western military alliance has blood on its hands.
Who is paying these mercenaries? Who is training them? Why is Avaaz spreading lies? Who is behind Avaaz?
Below is an excerpt of  a recent Avaaz report, which constitutes an unsubtle form of media propaganda (emphasis added):
Dear Avaazers,
I am from Homs, Syria — a city under siege, where children and babies have been tortured and bombed. It is hell on earth, and it is hard to have hope, but right now I see a chance and I am urgently calling on everyone to help.
In 48 hours, for the first time ever, all the major powers behind this war are going to meet. All parties say they want to hear the Syrian people’s demands, and they want to show their own public they are doing something. So here is how we get ‘a seat at the table’ — we commission a Syrian opinion poll, set up a live feed from Syrians to get clear demands presented to negotiators at the talks, and a million of us from across the world back the call for a ceasefire.
It has taken a three year bloodbath to get this conference, now we only have hours to be heard. If we come together and build a ceasefire call and then show up boldly on screen and in global numbers at the meeting, we could help bring an end to the carnage. The more of us that join the cry, the more attention we will get, and the more pressure on the parties to respond — click for a ceasefire in Syria, now:
For too long, the world has dithered while children were slaughtered, tens of thousands disappeared, entire cities bombed to rubble, and 10 million were driven from their homes
Let’s be clear: this is a war on civilians. The Assad regime has not only dropped chemical weapons on whole communities, it has laid siege to entire regions, like my own, shelling day in and day out and denying the entrance of food. Families in my city are being starved to death while two regional powers, Iran and Saudi Arabia, pump weapons and cash to fighters on both sides. These countries have converted a peaceful, popular revolution into a nightmare proxy war hijacked by radicals. My home is now their battlefield and my people the victims. And they will both be at the table on Wednesday.
It is a bitter pill for me to swallow to support negotiations with a regime of war criminals, but if we don’t support talks and get them to agree to a ceasefire now, this fighting could go on for a decades. This summit is the only hope on the horizon, and with the right pressure, there is a chance to curb the misery. We urgently need to get started — click below for a ceasefire now
I joined the Avaaz team over a year ago, when this community raised funds to send communication equipment to brave Syrian democracy activists. I remember the incredible gratitude I felt for this community of people that made it possible for the world to hear our cry for help. Now I’m asking you to urgently help my fellow Syrians once more to ensure the world understands that the majority of Syrians just want food, and a night without snipers and a plan that could help lead us to peace and democracy.
With hope,
Mais with the Avaaz team

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