“What cannot be achieved by proxy war, and what Obama dare not attempt by direct intervention, some still dream of securing via the ‘humanitarian’ back door – prolonging the agony of the Syrian people under the guise of charitable good works.
“The UN official charged with dealing with Syria’s massive humanitarian crisis, Labour peer Valerie Amos, says she is worried about people cut off by months of fighting by government and rebel forces in Syria, and has talked to the government in Damascus about getting humanitarian aid through front lines …
“Of course, if the UN were serious about mitigating the sufferings of the Syrian people, it could take the novel step of upholding international law, demanding the immediate withdrawal of all foreign forces from Syria and supporting the elected government in its efforts to defend Syria’s sovereignty from external aggression. Having signally failed to do any such thing, the UN now contemplates the resultant plight of thousands of starving and freezing Syrians – and points the finger of blame ‘even-handedly’ at the Syrian government and the ‘opposition’.
“Yet it is the proxy war that is jeopardising the welfare of millions – and the support afforded to that war by imperialism, the Gulf States, Israel and Turkey which is needlessly prolonging that war. It is the insistence of the West-backed Syrian National Council to put every obstacle in the path of a political solution to the crisis, doing all it can to sabotage the Geneva II stage of the peace process – for example triggering the exclusion of Iran – which needlessly prolongs the people’s suffering.”

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