Syria pres. candidates pushing ahead with campaigns


Press TV

The three presidential candidates in Syria, including incumbent President Bashar al-Assad, are pressing ahead with their campaigns as the June 3 election approaches, Press TV reports.

In interviews with Press TV, two Syrian presidential candidates Maher Abdel Hafiz Hajjar and Hassan Abdallah al-Nuri outlined their social and economic plans to end the deadly crisis which has been plaguing the Arab state since March 2011.
Hajjar underlined the need for Syria to “exit from the crisis” as soon as possible and said, “I am adherent to Syrians’ national principles and I’m against the US-Zionist project. At the same time, I do not agree with the policies currently [being] implemented internally.”
Nuri also told Press TV that economic reforms were needed to put an end to the foreign-sponsored crisis gripping Syria, with his main slogan being “Towards a free and smart economy.”

“Although I do agree with the current president concerning his political file, I have a totally different view and strategy concerning the economic, social and administrative files,” Nuri stated.

Meanwhile, “Together” is the main title of incumbent President Assad’s election campaign. His pages on social media are full of mottos such as “Together we are stronger” and “Together we build Syria.”
Syria’s presidential election will start on June 3. The vote will be held in the government-controlled parts of the crisis-hit country. Syrians living abroad are also set to vote on May 28.
Damascus has insisted that it would hold the vote despite the foreign-backed militancy that has plagued the Arab country for more than three years.
Syria has dismissed Western and opposition accusations regarding the presidential election, saying that it is planning to hold a free and transparent vote.

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