Syria: Imperialism's bloody war of plunder and annexation


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  • you ourselves. Rip your insignia off the terrorists’ uniforms so that we
    won’t have to bury them alongside terrorists.”
    Whilst it may be argued that some of the rhetoric is intended to impress a
    domestic audience (after all, Turkey’s Incirlik air base remains at US
    disposal), this split in Nato is real enough and cannot be smoothed away
    by Nato chief Stoltenberg’s assurances to Erdogan that he “understands his
    concerns. (Erdogan demands Nato take stand on US-backed Syrian
    Border Force, RT, 16 January 2018)
    Many crocodile tears are being shed over the fate of Afrin at the hands of
    the Turkish army. The fact is, that by
    The struggle continues
  • by terrorists, the wounded pilot waited until the enemy was
    closing in and then set o: a grenade that blew up both
    himself and his would-be captors, after shouting “This one
    is for the boys!”
    This indomitable warrior against imperialism, Major Roman
    Filippov, has been posthumously awarded the Hero of
    Russia. We salute him.
    Down with the imperialist war of plunder and annexation!
    Victory to President Assad, the Syrian government, the
    Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian people!
  • i
    . (US-backed coalition in Syria strikes pro-Assad forces by Anne Barnard
    and Richard Perez-Pena, New York Times, 8 February 2018

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