Syria: His mother asks him to leave the “Islamic State”


Image result for son executed HIS MOTHER PHOTO

His mother asks him to leave the Zio-Wahhabi “Islamic State” organization and leave the city of Al-Raqqah, so he executes his mother in front of citizens.

Woman is from the city of al-Tabaqa called (L. Q) in her forties, her son executed her in front of hundreds of people near the post office building in the city of Al-Raqqah where she was employed, all sources confirmed that she was executed under the pretext of “inciting her son to leave the Islamic state and escaping together to the outside of Al-Raqqah, and that the Coalition will kill all members of the organization”, her son reported her to the  Saudi Zio-Wahhabi gang which in turn arrested her, so her 20-years-old son executed her yesterday in front of hundreds of citizens from the city.

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