Syria Denounces Nazi Aggression on its Territories

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Syria’s Foreign Ministry has denounced recent Israeli attacks on Syrian territory, strongly condemning Israel’s continuing acts of aggression.

The Yemraya region was struck by Israeli jets Monday night. Another military area in Al-Keswaha was attacked on December 2.

Syrian forces responded to Monday’s attack by firing anti-aircraft missiles at jets targeting government military sites and positions of the Shiite Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah.

The latest developments follow seemingly random attacks on Syria by the Israeli Defense Forces, which regularly target positions near the Golan Heights but have also expanded operations to attack more valuable targets.

The Syrian government says there is evidence of “the coordination, association and alliance that links Israeli terrorism with that practiced by Daesh, the Al-Nousra Front and other terrorist organizations.”

The Foreign Ministry has stated that Tel Aviv provides many extremist groups in the region with logistical, material, health and financial support.

It has called on both the United Nations and the international community to take measures against Israel’s aggression, as well as its support for terrorism in the region.

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