Syria cements cooperation with China and South Africa


Christof Lehmann
Syria is cementing its cooperation with China and South Africa with focus on rebuilding the war torn country.Meetings focused on rebuilding housing, industry and a modernization of Syria’s Mediterranean ports, which could boost the Syrian economy after the completion of the Iran – Iraq – Syria gas pipeline that prompted Qatar, in 2007, to begin preparing the attempted subversion of Syria.

Rapid Reconstruction of Syrian Buildings.
The Syrian news agency SANA reports, that Syria’s Minister of Public Works, Hussein Arnous, stressed the importance of the rapid rebuilding of Syrian homes and structures through cooperation and partnerships between the two countries construction companies.
At a meeting with representatives of the Chinese Kansai  Co., Arnous underlined the necessity of making use of the company’s expertise, modern technologies and the potential to take part in the rapid construction of building projects in Syria.
The Minister underlined the necessity to cover fundamental needs with regard to equipment and machinery to launch building projects. He emphasized that Syria has suffered from systematic sabotage and destruction of such equipment on one hand, while much of the country’s machinery, including entire factories have been looted.
The Chinese delegation, for their part, expressed their readiness to offer help and expertise, and to contribute to a rapid reconstruction within suitable standards.
Besides suffering from combat related destruction and sabotage, the Syrian industries have suffered considerably due to the fact that foreign-backed mercenaries have looted and shipped entire factories abroad, especially to Turkey. The Syrian government has repeatedly addressed the situation with the Turkish government, the office of the UN Secretary General, and the UN Security Council without tangible response.
Apaema Tire Factory in Hama to be rebuilt in Cooperation with Chinese Partners.
Chinese cooperation also extends to the Apaema Tire Factory. The company has signed a memo of mutual understanding with the Chinese CAMC to rehabilitate the tire plant’s machinery and equipment and about the installation of new equipment. The memorandum was signed on Saturday at the Ministry of Industry in Damascus, reports SANA.
The agreement stipulates a continuous cooperation about the rehabilitation and maintenance of the plant and its equipment, with CAMA providing a loan that covers 85 percent of the project costs.
Included in the agreement is also the establishment of two new production lines for new tire sizes at a capacity of 18,000 tons per year in addition to 9,000 tons of tires for light and heavy trucks and agricultural equipment. The cooperation aims also at CAMC’s participation in related projects for the processing of recycled rubber and the training of Syrian workers.
Syrian – South African Cooperation in the Transport Sector. Syria’s Minister of Transportation, Mahmoud Ibrahim Said has met with the Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa, Shaune Byneveldt, and discussed means of boosting and developing the two country’s cooperation with regard to the area of transportation.

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