ZIONIST FRONT IMED: Consolidating the Cedar Revolution

Prospects for a Free Lebanon in the Post-Assad Era -JACOB CAMPBELL(ZIONAZI)
Even so, with Syria out of the picture, Israel will be at greaterliberty to conduct military operations inside Lebanon aimed at crippling Hezbollah’s terrorist (RESISTANCE) infrastructure without the fear of provoking Damascus into armed conflict. A future Israeli offensive of this kind would likely be more successful than the 2006 war because Iran would find it more difficult to rearm its proxy in the aftermath. Overland weapons shipments through Syria will no longer be a reliable method of transporting the vast amounts of military equipment needed to quickly restore Hezbollah’s military capabilities

SYRIA WATCH- One on One: Jenan Moussa

Just back from conflict-torn Mali, the Dubai-based Moussa has made seven trips to Syria and covered most major events in the Middle East over the past two years.ND: What’s a major story in Syria that’s going uncovered?JM: I tried to find cases of women who were raped, and I did not find anybody. This is an important topic to be highlighted and to get out, but when a woman is raped, she will try to hide it and she will never speak about it in the open.We should advise these women that it’s not their fault and try to help them, because it’s terrible what they’re going through. The next trip I will try again. There should be more people trying. Among refugees, I also tried. They don’t want to talk about it, or it doesn’t exist and it’s overrated. This is such an important topic to discuss. We’re emotional people, and you know how difficult it is to separate rumors from facts.

[ed notes;she’s been to Syria no less then ”7 times”,again i repeat,7 times!,and could not find one case of rape!Now im not syaing there isnt any cases of rape,but whats evidnet is the following,the zionist western media,govts and its octopus fronts have tried to build a case for regime change,using the rape accusation weapon against Assad and his military..we now that an embattled govt being systematically destabilized  by worlds leading criminal powers,would never issue orders to soldiers to go rape innocent women..why not?because this gives those powers a deligitimatization weapon thats why stupid…anyway we do know the brute rebels do rape women and even children,thats already been established..anyway its interestinga pro opposition journalist could not find one single case of rape to document!!!

Berri cautions from water war with Israel

House Speaker, Nabih Berri, warned on Thursday that Lebanon’s future war with Israel was definitely going to be over water resources. The Speaker’s fresh stance had been delivered by Health Minister, Ali Hassan Khalil, who represented him at the launching event of the Litani River and Karaoun Lake cleaning projects. “Israel is readying itself to invest in the shattered Arab reality (…) to eventually lay hand on our natural water resources to increase settlements,” he said. “We are still not aware of the fact that Israel has been fighting us from across water borders, starting from Jordan, reaching Al-Hama, Yarmouk, Wazani, and finally the Litani River, not to mention the underground water that Israel forbids Palestine access to,” Khalil added. Moreover, the Minister touted national unity as the best weapon alongside the Lebanese army and Resistance facing Israeli threats.

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