Synagogue Rising Author Hugh Akins spills beans on Zionism and New World Order


TradCatNight host Eric Gajewski interviews Synagogue Rising author Hugh Akins on ZIonism and New World Order. Just wait till you hear what he has to say…..

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and how you got involved studying the New World Order.

I was 21 when I got out of the military, taught myself to pray the Rosary and began studying politics, foreign policy, world affairs and such, as well as seeking answers to questions concerning the meaning of life, my own purpose in this world, the evil that men do, why there must be so much suffering and pain, etc.

This soul-searching, as it were, resulted from two years of heavy combat in the Vietnam War, where I was eyewitness to multiple instances of mass murder and atrocities of unspeakable horror, and, while the same experiences drove some men bitterly away from God, they led me to embrace the Catholic Faith, its truths, its traditions and its holy militancy. Some will blame God for permitting such evils to exist, others will see those same evils as the consequence of man’s transgressions against His divine law.

I emphasize the words “holy militancy” because many in the Church today never enter the fullness of the faith inasmuch as, while accepting her doctrine and spirituality, they all too often shun her militancy. But this makes of them only half-Catholic. Men especially. They accept Catholic Truth and Tradition on principle, but without the necessary and fullest application, as if one can possess charity without actually practicing it; as if one can have a strong interior life without the activism that must flow from it.

Half-Catholics also reject the politics that go hand-in-hand with the faith and its practice. Only Protestants and liberal Catholics hold to the separation of Church and State and who renounce the union of religion and politics, understood in the Catholic sense. And there are very many conservative and traditional Catholics who are, in reality, less Catholic than they are Protestant and liberal in their false notion which maintains that Christ the King has no claim and no sovereignty over the public and political life of peoples and nations. This is heresy – The heresy of the modern-day republics and democracies; the heresy of Caesaropapism; the heresy of Americanism.

It is why so many of them, quite probably the majority of traditional Catholics, deny much of Catholic Social Teaching which concerns itself with such grave social issues as the condition of the poor and working classes; vulture capitalism and social apostasy; state socialism and police-state tyranny, usury and the economic plundering by the big banks and corporations; secret societies that hold sway over much of the political machinery, whether of the Left or the Right; genocidal wars of aggression disguised as humanitarian campaigns in the fight against terrorism; and – to come back to your question – the Antichristian Conspiracy, of which the New World Order is its ultimate end, etc. Catholic Life must consist of prayer (interior life of grace), study (knowing one’s faith; knowing that which wars against it) and action (“being doers of the Word and not hearers only”). It is not enough to know and love God; He must be served as well.

All roads lead to Calvary and to Rome. For me, having come face-to-face in the jungles of Vietnam with what I perceived to be Evil Incarnate – and later discovering it to be Communism of secret Judeo-Masonic origin and rule – having seen this horrific evil “up close and personal,” I resolved to devote a good part of my life to exposing it (“and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them” – Eph. 5:11).

In seeking such higher truths and a higher calling, I was blessed early on with a Catholic worldview of the evils and dark events that greatly impacted my life, and the lives of millions of others, having been introduced for the first time, while yet in the military, to the magnificent papal encyclicals and to the greater struggle for the triumphant universal Reign of Christ our King, and the corresponding struggle centering on the Blessed Virgin’s fight against the Serpent. Making a disciplined study of these things in my early 20s gave me a good beginner’s understanding of the New World Order and its diabolical objectives and murderous strategies of operation.

The New World Order is synonymous with the Reign of Satan, the coming Reign of Antichrist and the Universal Satanic Republic – Judeo-Masonic Totalitarianism on a global scale to feature, above all else, the universal dethronement of Christ the King. Nothing has taken us further down this road of self-ruin than the Second Vatican Council, with its insane program aimed at secularizing and dechristianizing – and correspondingly Jewifying – every last former Christian State. This Vatican II accomplished through the heresies of religious liberty, democracy, the rights of man superseding the Rights of God.

Because of the enormity of the evil that I personally witnessed as a young man in uniform, I knew from the start that this commitment would have to take the form of a lifelong mission or apostolate. I have been praying the Rosary, studying the papal encyclicals, and putting these prayers and studies to the best possible use on the Catholic Action battlefields ever since.

What are they, the NWO crowd, trying to accomplish?

What they seek is what Lucifer sought and yet seeks – the absolute overthrow of God and damnation of every created soul; the complete eradication of Catholicism and total destruction of Christianity, of the Catholic States, Catholic priesthood and liturgy, Catholic family and home, Catholic education and culture, Catholic Christendom and the Catholic World Order. In short, the burying of the Church and City of God this side of Heaven. They themselves have at numerous times and in various places openly admitted to such dark schemes, so it is no “conspiracy theory” to speak of such things.

The Church being essentially supernatural, however, can never be fully overthrown. That being so, the enemy has nonetheless come a very long way in this Diabolic Plan and in ferocious opposition to the Divine Plan. Many an insider of this vast world-wide Antichristian Conspiracy has for the last 100-150 years really believed – and openly said so – that the consummation of their centuries-old New World Order conspiracy against Christ would be realized in their lifetime. As for the Church Militant, it is up to her loyal sons – men of faith and prayer and grace and knowledge and zeal and courage – to take up their spiritual arms against this evil scourge, to defend what the enemy yet seeks to destroy, and to restore and rebuild what has already been destroyed.

A Catholic (Magisterial) worldview of anti-Christian Judaism and Counterrevolutionary Resistance. Rips the mask off the Masterplan of the Elders of Zion – difficult to believe, but fatal to ignore. This book praised by clergy and laity on 4 continents as the heavy artillery of the Church Militant in her age-old struggle with Talmudic Jewry. Zionism and the modern apostasy; Israel behind the 9/11 terror attacks; the phony War on Terror; the historic authenticity of the Protocols of Zion; the Holocaust as cover for the deadliest assault ever waged against Christ the King; Homeland Security and American Totalitarianism; forging a united front of militant Catholic Action unto the demolishing of enemy strongholds – and lots more. There’s nothing anti-Semitic about this book. It’s an act of charity and a work of mercy to expose the Judaism of fanatical Christ-hatred and to help liberate the Jewish people from the cruel and deadly Tyranny of Rabbinic Zionism. BISHOP RICHARD WILLIAMSON “Synagogue Rising is a solid book with much detail and much documentation on the problem with the Synagogue and its rise in modern times, by Hugh Akins. It’s definitely a book to be recommended.” ROBERT BURNS By Robert Burns “One need not agree with everything the author of this well-researched, well footnoted, compendium states. Yet, Hugh Akins has amassed an enormous amount of factual truths towards his thesis that two “Judaisms” exist– one that is Old Testament based, and the other Talmudic, and non-Godly.”

Who would you say are some of the main players today?

Here’s a few that immediately come to mind: B’nai B’rith, Chabad Lubavitch, the American Jewish Congress, AIPAC, Goldman Sachs, the Project for a New American Century, the Foreign Policy Initiative, the CFR, Rothschild, Soros, Silverstein, Rabbi Schneerson, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump and his Jewish son-in-law handler, Gerard Kuschner, Netanyahu of Israel and many others.

They are some of the main players that are either running the show or working as front men for those who are running the show. The main players are not ordinary Jews and Masons, among whom are some honest and decent human beings, but they comprise an elite Rabbinic, Talmudic and Zionist cabal among ordinary Jews and Masons that sit on top of the world and control most of the power centers on earth from behind the scenes, including most nations, even the superpowers (all but Russia), the democracies, capitalist nations, Islamic and communist states, particularly the secularized and Jewified Western nations, formerly Christian – as well as most of the global mega-corporations, oftentimes more powerful than the host governments themselves; the topmost leaders in the military and police with their huge super-cyber-sophisticated armies, nuclear armaments and ominously militarized domestic police forces; the giant central banks and other financial institutions; the major organizations specializing in (fake) news and (dis)information, not to exclude most of them thought to be independent or alternative media entities, those “conservative” ones on the right no less than their more revolutionary counterparts on the left (Fox News, National Review, no less than CNN, the New York Times, etc.).

They control all of the world’s religions and religious hierarchies, not even exempting the one true religion of divine origin, the Catholic Church. Rome is in their stranglehold no less than Washington DC, London, Paris, Berlin, Zurich, Brussels, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), and of course New York and Tel Aviv.

The one major power they do not control is Vladimir Putin’s Russia. It’s important to distinguish between today’s Russia and yesterday’s Russia. Today, Russia has clearly turned away from communism and is turning back towards Christianity, rejecting the Judeo-Masonic Russia of the first half of the 20th century, and resisting, to Putin’s credit, the Judeo-Masonic West with all its military aggressions and systematic genocide on behalf of the terror regime of Israel. Catholics seem to be especially confused, not to mention deliberately misled, on this hot issue of Putin and Russia, missing a vital part of that which the Blessed Virgin forewarned at Fatima.

No one is denying that the Errors of Russia continue to spread throughout the world today as yesterday; indeed the West has almost totally adopted these fatal errors. But they originated from Judeo-Masonic Bolshevik Russia, not from today’s Christian Russia. For anyone reading this interview that might be interested, I went into this topic in some detail in issue #12 of our magazine, Oportet Christum Regnare (Latin for Christ Must Reign), as too in my 2012 book, Synagogue Rising – A Catholic Worldview of Antichristian Judaism and Counterrevolutionary Resistance – both available from our website at

All of the names of these key players and their chief institutions fall under one or two of the following three categories:

(1) the evil men at the very top, the higher-echelon overlords of the world, many of whom are Satanists – names that are familiar to the average person whereas their hidden schemes and dark aims are mostly kept from the peoples they are hard at work bleeding, impoverishing and enslaving… Rothschild, Soros, Warburg, Schneerson, Schiff, Silverstein, Rockefeller, Eisenhower, Javits, Kissinger, Krystol, Lieberman, – not every one a Jew but everyone a diehard Zionist strictly adhering to the Talmudic Masterplan;

(2) the many lesser “useful idiots,” a few of whom are ideologically committed to the Jewish-driven New World Order but the majority mere self-serving opportunists who’ve jumped on the NWO bandwagon for personal gain – wealth, fame, power; almost every president and member of Congress and prominent news caster and military leader falls into this category of unprincipled men and women willing to cast aside all moral considerations in order to advance themselves; and

(3) the controlled opposition, some in this camp are ideologically one with the Zionist Elders, others are not but are driven like other “useful idiots” to play by the rules of those above them. This is so even as they masquerade as staunch opponents of the same Powers That Be, as do many leading conservatives, Religious Right evangelists and/or Republican leaders – Nixon, Buckley, Reagan, Bush, Trump, and false shepherds as the Vatican II Popes and several cardinals and Zionist “Christian Pastors” like John Hagee and his ilk, as well as others who are, again, apparently little more than self-promoters – the Alex Joneses, Rush Lumbaughs, Glenn Becks, many Vatican, European and American bishops and ecclesial bureaucrats.

In this last group (there is considerable overlapping between the 2nd and 3rd categories), sad to say but true, there are a good number of leading traditional Catholics who likewise, all good intentions aside, expediently or cowardly parrot the Zionist Party Line This they do either by exaggerating the threat of Islam while totally censoring that vast body of irrefutable data incriminating the far greater menace of organized and fanatical antichristian Jewry – or – by insisting that when it comes to renouncing the works of Satan this heavenly command does not apply to those most brazen works hatched in the synagogues and orchestrated by the Temple demagogues and despots – or – (lastly) by openly espousing Zionist propaganda, which we have in recent years seen in every single one of mainstream traditionalist periodicals, barring none.

After doing much good in years gone by, these traditional periodicals have nevertheless today taken a turn towards liberalism and Judaism and therefore, to this measure, betrayed the holy and urgent cause of the King of Kings and the Virgin of Fatima.

These traditional periodicals, no longer torchbearers of the totality of Catholic Truth, have become something of a diversion, surely without intending to be so, but undeniably allowing the enemies of Christ to make ever bolder advances by keeping their large followings focused on significantly lesser important players, such as liberals, modernists and Muslims, while discouraging and undermining every attempt by fellow Catholics to rip the mask off the far deadlier and more powerful enemy – those of Talmudic formation or influence, the very chosen of Satan.

Of the many reasons why we of the League of Christ the King decided to republish our official publication, Oportet Christum Regnare, which we were forced years ago to cease publishing due in large part to the rapidly spreading liberalism in the ranks of the SSPX clergy and superiors, one of the reasons for bringing it back into circulation was the sad realization of this appalling compromise and treason coming out of mainstream Traditional Catholicism; a remnant, once faithful and strong in holding fast to the Catholic Traditions, but which has, somewhere along the way, sold its soul.

Faithful Catholics need and deserve publications that do not whitewash the main issues and cover-up the greater threats, as the mainstream traditional publications have been doing more and more. Oportet Christum Regnare stands apart from the other publications as a voice of militant Catholicism (there is no other kind of Catholicism but the militant one – any lesser Catholicism would automatically be liberal, even if it deceptively wears the mask of traditional Catholic).

Why are so many ignorant of the atrocities of Israel?

Evil invariably does its dirty work under cover of dark and out of the light of truth. They hate the light (truth) which exposes their identities, and their most secret and wicked programs and agenda and the multiplicity of fronts which serve their Satanic cause. The mass media is in their hands and under their control or strong influence, including a good number of “alternative” sources of news, information, commentary. The mass atrocities of Israel, Jews and Zionists are unprecedented in all human history insofar as they will include almost every revolution and war in better than 200 hundred years, and even further back.

Such a list necessarily would pinpoint the American, French and Russian revolutions, the invasion and rape of the Holy Land by Zionist terrorists of the same mindset as today’s ISIS terrorists, WWI, WWII, and WWIII in-the-making; also, in our time, this horrendous mass-atrocity misnamed the War on Terror; and not to leave out the single most devastating revolutions of them all – that which emerged as a diabolical assault against the very Church of Christ on the occasion of the Second Vatican Council, antichristian subversion as its peak – a pact with the Devil by modern-day churchmen for certain. In a word, this collective ignorance of so many of Jewish atrocities and crimes against humanity must be placed at the feet of a completely corrupt and controlled mass media, and by a cowardly traditional Catholic Press.

What resources can help someone investigate Zionism and its New World Order?

First, where not to look for reliable sources that unmask some aspects or the whole picture of World Jewry and their NWO: Anything published by the mainstream publishing houses, big name newspapers, magazines, websites like, should be deemed highly suspicious and doubtful sources of truth. There are exceptions, but not many. The same vigilance, again, should be exercised towards any of the mainstream conservative or traditional Catholic media, all of which have, to some degree or other, abandoned the struggle against Organized Evil, especially as it has manifested itself through the Synagogue of Satan, even as they continue publishing under the thin veneer of traditional Catholicism.

What sources are trustworthy? Fortunately there are a few, and these few are of tremendous importance: all the writings of Fr. Fahey, The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation, for example, and Fr. Cahill, Freemasonry and the Antichristian Movement; those of Count de Poncins, The Powers Behind Revolution and Judaism and the Vatican; of Msgr. Delassus, Americanism and the Antichristian Conspiracy, and Msgr. Juoin, On the Papacy, Jews and Masons; similarly the writings of Bp. Siguard, A Bishop’s Exhortation, and Maurice Pinay’s The Plot Against the Church. Books elaborating on the Protocols of Zion are most important too for a deeper grasp of what the New World Order is really all about: Waters Flowing Eastward – The War Against the Kingship of Christ by L. Fry and revised by Fr. Fahey, is by far the best one. H.A. Gwynne’s The Cause of World Unrest is also quite good.

Christopher Bollyn’s excellent work, Solving 9/11, The Deception That Changed the World is a must, along with Arthur Butz’s definitive study on the alleged Six Million, titled The Hoax of the Twentieth Century – The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry. I would also recommend some of the books by Michael Collins Piper, The New Jerusalem, The Judas Goats, The High Priests of War, and The Golem, Israel’s Nuclear Hell Bomb and the Road to Global Armegeddon. We would also be at a disadvantage not to watch the brief commentaries of a former Jew, Nathanael Kapner, a new one posted on Youtube every week or so. Raised as a Jew and educated in the Talmud, Kapner has an exceptional understanding of the Jewish Peril and delivers vitally important 5-minute briefs proving that the Zionists are behind much of what is featured as headline news.

Lastly, as another source of research materials for investigating as well as mobilizing against this antichristian Power Elite, we bring to your readers’ attention two of our own works: Synagogue Rising, a Catholic Worldview of Antichristian Judaism and Counterrevolutionary Resistance, of nearly 800 pages, which covers the Jewish hand in everything from the French Revolution to Vatican II, from 9/11 to the phony War on Terror, from Homeland Security to Totalitarian Tyranny, from the Protocols of Zion to the Holocaust Myth. The second one is our newly republished quarterly magazine, Oportet Christum Regnare, which features such regular columns as the Ongoing Apostasy, the Conciliarization of the SSPX, Know Your Enemy, War Zone America, World War Three Watch, and other important entries, each with commentary from an integrally militant Catholic worldview.

Why Can’t We Trust the mainstream narrative of events from the past and present?

Again, the mainstream narrative, promoted by both the official and alternative media, by both the left and the right with hardly any major differences excepting the deceptive rhetoric, is predominantly Jewish contrived and propagated through all the means of communications and mass-indoctrination under their control. The Zionist cause is promoted whether the one doing the promoting is recognized as a top liberal or top conservative, both equally beholden to Zionism and its Satanic agenda, regardless of their approaching the debate from different angels.

Zionism’s New World Order goes forward whether conservatives, liberals or independents are in power. It is driven much like a bicycle, which requires both legs, the left and the right, to pump the pedals and take one down the path that’s been mapped out for him. Left or right, they are going in the same direction – towards World Jewry and the death of Christianity, be they aware or unaware of the dark forces they really serve.

How close do you believe we are to the economic collapse and World War Three?

It’s incredible that the US economy hasn’t already crashed by now and that WWIII has not yet exploded on the world scene. Be assured, these disasters are fast approaching. Both have been long planned by the same Elders of Zion that pull much of the world’s strings – political, financial, ecclesial, cultural and militaristic. So, yes, I dare say both these disasters are imminent, and will erupt in the very near future. No predictions, just a sober look at world trends and the whole current volatile situation. It is certainly time to prepare for the worst, even as we hope, pray and labor to avert such disasters that are fast descending upon us.

Consider the warnings of honest experts like Paul Craig Roberts and Ron Paul – especially Ron Paul who has long forewarned that our reckless and suicidal policies, at home and abroad, are all tied together and can only end in darker days ahead. Dr. Paul has many times forecast what becomes more obvious each month, with each new escalation of military operations, with each new surge in spending and debt that eats away at our currency and destabilizes our economy tenfold, if not a hundredfold.

It’s common sense, that the many costly and criminal wars we’re fighting, and the trillions it is costing an already overburdened taxpaying citizenry, and the more terrorism our aggressive regime-change interventions and genocidal wars are breeding, will indeed ultimately bring about a total meltdown of the economy, a catastrophe of unparalleled ruin and loss unavoidably leading to a heavy-handed totalitarianism stomping on this “Land of the Free” like a giant iron boot, crushing the life out of its victims who had failed so miserably to adequately take up their own defense.

But this gloom and doom scenario is not the final chapter. The final chapter for all those who hold fast to the true Faith and remain in a state of grace and persevere to the end, is that Our Lord and Our Lady will – without question – bring about the ultimate triumph of Good over Evil. The Blessed Virgin Mary’s heel will crush the head of the Serpent and thereby bring to a sudden, unconditional and overwhelming defeat and overthrow of the present-day reign of Satan.



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