Survivors of IsraHelli Attack on Mavi Marmara React to Netanyahu Apology


Tim King
Israeli PM apologizes to Erdoğan for deadly attack on flotilla ship in 2010.

Netanyahu and Erdorgan

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – In a most unusual and unexpected move, the prime minister of Israel apologized for a deadly attack on a peace ship three years ago that left nine dead, including a young Turkish/American citizen named Furkan Doğan.

Furkan Doğan – among the first to die

The Mavi Marmara, a Turkish ship that was part of a Gaza peace flotilla, was attacked in international waters on 31 May 2010. Nine unarmed peace activists and reporters were shot to death by Israeli forces. Those aboard the ship hailed from 37 different countries. Israel initially claimed that they only used “rubber bullets” and that was just the first point of frustration for human rights activists who decried the act widely. was in touch with more than one person aboard the ship, right until the moment when Israel jammed their communications and their Internet signals and live TV shots went dead.
Israel was charged with war crimes and United Nations members overwhelmingly agreed that Israel was guilty of very serious human rights violations, as the majority of the victims, the UN investigation revealed, were killed “execution style”. Examples of this were recorded by Iara Lee, a Brazilian activist and journalist, and actually carried past the intense Israeli arrest and searches that followed the attack on the ship.

    Kevin Neish photo courtesy:           Iara Lee photo courtesy: facebook                          Ken O’Keefe photo
Kevin Neish shows Israeli ‘hit list’.
Photo Iara Lee

The crew aboard that ship was unarmed, when they knew they were under attack, a handful created weapons, pipes and slingshots. Israel played this up to no end. Israel, invading a ship as pirates in an explicit, no-holes-barred attack in international waters, that involved snipers in helicopters putting rounds through the foreheads of photographers, complained to the world that the people they attacked attempted to defend themselves, the nerve of those Arabs!

All I know, is that the brave people aboard the Mavi Marmara who were shot as their unarmed vessel came under attack in the wee hours of that unforgettable morning by Israeli helicopters and gunships, must have been terrified. Our writer and friend Ken O’Keefe, who personally disarmed two of the Israeli commandos, is one who survived, another is Kevin Neish who was instrumental in making sure cameras recorded the ‘hit list’ taken off of an injured Israeli soldier who received medical treatment aboard the Mavi Marmara.
Indeed, Israeli press and even The BBC’s Jane Corbin, went to great effort to side with the Israeli military. Corbin’s program ‘Death in the Med’ features an Israeli soldier directly stating, “They wanted to kill each and every one of us”. The BBC was dead wrong.
As the video ‘Mavi Marmara Witness‘ (below right) which I produced in the summer of 2010 explains, Ken O’Keefe had the Israeli’s weapons and never used them. As Ken said, “I am a combat trained Marine veteran I served in Desert Storm, I know how to use a weapon and believe me those Israelis would have been dead; I had their weapons in my hands, but that was never our intent”.
Ken O’Keefe made this statement about the Netanyahu apology:

    “I ask any and all sane people to consider if it were their brother, their father, their husband who was murdered, would an apology and money be sufficient for you? Taken a step further, understanding that ballistics evidence makes crystal clear that several of the men were not just murdered, but executed, with bullets entering their heads at point blank range while they were on the ground and already injured from bullet wounds, I say again, would an apology and some money be sufficient to qualify as justice for you?
    “Taken another step further, those men died for a very specific reason, they died because they refused to accept the unacceptable and what is unacceptable is the collective punishment of 1.6 million people in Gaza, over half of which are children. Those of us who are sane cannot accept such things, sanity requires that we do something lest we sacrifice our humanity. So let us be clear, these murdered/executed brothers saw the children of Gaza as sane people do, as children who deserve our love and our attention and our commitment. There is only one thing that will even come close to justice and that is a 100% end of the blockade and massive compensation to the traumatised, injured, grieving people of Gaza, as well as the complete rebuilding of Gaza. Insincere apologies offered and accepted by corrupt governments in nothing more than theatre, it is an insult to the memory of those martyred on the Mavi Marmara and to the people of Gaza themselves.”

The injured Israeli soldiers were taken to the ship’s medical room, treated for the injuries they received boarding the ship, and then released. Jame Corbin misled viewers greatly.

    “The most important concern of all the survivors and the martyrs’ family members is that as part of any compensation agreement, is that the Israeli blockade of Gaza must be lifted. I see some mention of lifting the blockade in the new press releases but i want to see iron clad commitments to lift the blockade otherwise it is all just media spin
    “As in this mention from a press release today. It sounds very fuzzy and ambiguous to me and so easy for Israel to walk away from.
      “The statement from Turkey said an agreement also had been reached on the issue of compensation and that

Israel had lifted restrictions on the movement of goods to Gaza as long as “calm” lasts

    “The bottom line is that Zionism, is racist and in the long run it must be changed to end their “war” with Palestine, but this agreement may be a step in the right direction if Israel is sincere”.

In addition to those killed, scores were shot.
Israeli forces refused to allow medical treatment for the shooting victims and more than one died while waiting for medical assistance.
The attack took place at zero dark thirty against the people aboard the ill fated ship in the Mediterranean. covered the news relentlessly, while most U.S. news agencies simply ignored it, or parroted the Israeli statements that somehow made the people seeking to help a million starving kids in Gaza have food, medicine and building supplies, seem like terrorists.
After seizing the ship, the only food the Israelis allowed through were packets of potato chips and candy bars, nothing of substance. Medical supplies intended for Gaza never reached there, and Israeli ‘commandos’ stole credit cards from the activists and used them all over Israel.
These are all just a small handful of the myriad stories that emerged and we covered from this terrible night.

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