Surrendered US-backed Rebels Admit to Receiving Training to Destroy Syrian Oil Sites

By Almasdar News

Global Research,

The head of the Russian Reconciliation Center affiliated with the Russian Ministry of Defense, Oleg Goralev, announced on Wednesday that the 27 militants who surrendered to the Syrian authorities, reported that they had received training by the American military to carry out attacks on oil and gas sites as well as the infrastructure of sites under the control of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

“According to the testimonies of members of the armed groups who joined the government forces, the Americans provided them with weapons and vehicles, and they were trained by the United States to sabotage the oil and gas infrastructure, transport and organize terrorist acts in the territories under the control of the Syrian government forces,” Goralev said in a briefing.

Goralev noted that

“on the night of April 13-14, a group of gunmen who were trained at the U.S. Army base near the Rukban Camp tried to leave the Al-Tanf area.”

He said that

“the gunmen decided to surrender to the government forces and return to a peaceful life, but on the borders of the 55-km security zone, a group of extremist gangs attacked by the so-called ‘Commandos of the Revolution’, supported by the United States.”

He continued:

“As a result of the clash, the fighters lost 3 trucks, and 27 people managed to escape, and they are currently in Palmyra under the protection of the Syrian Arab Army.”

He added that they

“handed over dozens of small arms, including rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns, including weapons manufactured in Western countries.”

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