Supreme Court in London: A Jewish Closed Shop

Posted by: Kitty Moses
“There is a temptation to see the UK as a country under Jewish occupation.  When one looks at the over-representation of Jews in Finance, Government, the Media etc, it does appear that the Ruling Class of the UK is not only socio-economically dominant over the rest of the population, it is also ethnically distinct.  I am not for a moment trying to say that all Jews are a part of the Establishment, or that there are no poor and downtrodden Jews; I know a fair number of Jews (by ancestry) who are struggling to get by just as everyone else is, and they certainly are not a part of the despotic elite.
Whilst it is ridiculous to group together all people who happen to have some Jewish ancestry, as exploiters of the common people, there is a certain amount of truth in the idea that the Jewish elite is synonymous with the UK Establishment.  The Monarchy and Aristocracy are so interwoven with the Jewish banking families, that it is nigh on impossible to separate them.  Whilst the Jewish infiltration of the Ruling Class is obvious, we need to be careful to separate the ‘little Jew’ from those who rule over all of us (and exploit the little Jew as much as they exploit the Goyim), but this should not cow us into silence as to the obvious racial and/or religious character of those in positions of power.
In the UK, the Media is thoroughly Zionist; the ruling families are of Jewish stock; the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition are Jewish; the economy is squarely in the hands of Jewish financiers; the servile political attitude to Israel would make the sycophantic philo-Semitic men and women in Washington DC blush.
All who comment on the Jewish domination of the UK are accused of anti-Semitism, and are jeered as fantasists.  One body which cannot be smeared by such infantile name-calling is my favourite Kosher read, the Jewish Chronicle.  The Jewish Chronicle has confirmed quite openly what non-Kosher researchers are vilified for stating; the Judiciary is dominated by Jews!  So, not only the Legislative and Executive branches of government are Jewish-controlled, the Judiciary is also.  As the Jewish Chronicle boasts, the previous, current, and next incumbent of the Office of Chief Justice of England and Wales, was, is and will be, a Jew.  If any other source provided such information, it would instantly be attacked by Searchlight, the UAF and myriad other self-righteous anti-indigenous organisations.  However, it is the Jewish Chronicle which has stated what many dare not.
The following two articles from the Chronicle throw a spotlight on the Jewish domination of the Supreme Court, and by extension the entire legal system of not only England and Wales, but the entire United Kingdom.  They illustrate how the Goyim are not masters in their own house, but are subject to the rule of the self-Chosen people.  These are not anti-Semitic fantasies spread by (boo hiss) evil fascists, but are facts as told by the main newspaper of the Jewish community….

The post of Lord Chief Justice has been in Jewish hands before: the previous incumbent, Lord Woolf, was born into a Newcastle Jewish family. But Lord Phillips, who steps down in October, is from solid Anglo-Saxon stock. Or is he?


Just take a look at the name. Nicholas Addison Phillips is not a Yiddishe moniker. Neither is his background remotely Jewish. He had a genteel upbringing attending Bryanston School in Dorset before serving in the Royal Navy, where he was a commissioned officer, noch. In fact, when he qualified as a barrister, Lord Phillips specialised in maritime law. We Jews like to wander, but we tend to do it on dry land. There seems nothing remotely kosher about him.


And yet, in a speech this week — admittedly given at the East London Muslim Centre — he spoke of his maternal grandparents, two young immigrants to this country. Said Lord Phillips: “They were Sephardic Jews and had eloped to this country from Alexandria because they understood that England was a country in which they would enjoy freedom.” One Jewish barrister was staggered when he heard the news, saying: “It’s like the Pope announcing he’s Jewish.” And yet the signs are there if you look for them. Lord Phillips is, after all a lawyer; he lives in Hampstead; and he has quite bushy eyebrows. Weird that no one guessed before, then.


Jewish as charged, m’lud.

So we say he is 88% Jewish

The head of the civil judiciary has been named as the next Supreme Court president.
Lord Neuberger’s appointment as the most senior judge in the UK was confirmed on Thursday. He will be sworn in on October 1, succeeding Lord Phillips.
Lord Neuberger, 64, is the brother-in-law of Baroness Neuberger, senior rabbi of the Reform’s flagship West London congregation.
The former David Neuberger began his career working for N M Rothschild and was called to the bar in 1974. In 1996 he became a Chancery division judge and an Appeal Court judge in 2007. Two years later he was named Master of the Rolls.
Although he was critical of the decision to abolish the role of the House of Lords as the UK’s most senior court, he said he was committed to his new place at the helm of the supreme court.
He said: “I will do my best to ensure that it continues to play its proper role in upholding the rule of law, and applying and developing the law in a coherent and principled and practical way, appropriate for today’s world.”

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