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The Harper government recently banned the veil in immigration ceremonies. Most countries in Europe have banned the head scarf in the schools and government offices. Turkey had for decades, banned both.

I wrote an essay on the 3 myths of Canadian Immigration. It took me almost a year to put this together. The Human Rights Commissions and Multiculturalism threaten the freedom of speech of Canadian citizens. The good news is that things are slowly changing.

Germany, The U.K, France and Holland have declared multiculturalism a failure. They are moving towards the American melting pot. The West has always struggled to free the individual against many group ideologies such as: Communism…Fascism…Nazism...Marxism & MULTICULTURALISM.  Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations and the remaking of world order” released around 1997 is coming true. 

Professor Salim Mansur just released “A Delectable Lie: A liberal Repudiation of Multiculturalism/2011”. He says the reason it’s with a small “l” is due to the fact that the Liberal Party of Canada has moved away from the ideals that made it Canada’s main party (they won 75 of the past 105 elections). Canada should adopt: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness over the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

I also included job creation and unemployment numbers so reveal the myths of worker shortages and other lies perpetuated over and over again by media(Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail) and the government of Canada’s Immigration Citizenship and Multiculturalism.

Unemployed Canadians in 2011: 1.4 million(500,000 in Ontario/ 900,000 in the rest of the country)

Unemployed Canadians in 2002: 520,000

Labor Force in 2011: 18.7 million

Labor Force in 2002: 6.5 million

Job creation numbers (BMO forecast) for 2012: 180,000/ Job Creation 2011: 240,000/ Job Creation: 2010: 372,000

# of immigrants for Canada in 2012: 240-265K(this doesn’t include family reunification and guest workers and refugees)

It took me 8 months and hundreds of hours of research to complete this. What do you think about it? the good and the bad.



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