Subverting free speech and free societies: Why it is past time to stand up to Zio-Fascism

British Zio-Fascists
By Hafsa Kara-Mustapha*

While state-approved thinkers denounce the rise of the far right, they are deliberately looking the other way as a new fascism takes hold of Europe and the United States.

Zio-Fascism is now such a potent force that it is obtaining the banning of books, concerts and debates across the board with barely a word of condemnation from politicians or notable mainstream journalists.

This Christmas, Jerusalem-born musician Gilad Atzmon was banned from performing at a London venue following a complaint from – wait for it – one Zionist activist. Martin Rankoff, wrote a letter to the local authority, Islington Council, detailing how he found Atzmon’s views “repulsive” and saying he did not “wish to be in the same space as him”. How did the Labour-led council respond? It banned the acclaimed jazz musician from performing in a bid to appease the whimsical demands of one Zionist whose social media reads like a hate-fest for the Labour Party and its leadership.

Atzmon subsequently contacted the council to have this decision reversed but to no avail. The wishes of one Zionist trumped the rights of a musician, his fellow band mates as well as his numerous fans who paid to listen to their favourite musicians perform.

petition was launched which gathered over 3,600 signatures yet still the demand of one Zionist was deemed more worthy than those of an entire community of music lovers and musicians whose activity is essential to the borough’s economy.

Are Islington’s residents aware of how their Council Tax is being spent?

The scandal, of course, does not end there. Atzmon, whose livelihood is dependent on his performances, legally challenged the decision, which violates his right to freely exercise his professional activity and earn his livelihood. Islington Council, whose own funds have been cut since austerity policies were introduced, has nevertheless hired the services of two leading partners, Gideon Benaim and Tom Iverson from Simkins, one of Britain’s most expensive law firms, to counter the saxophonist’s appeal. Gideon Benaim, it is worthy of note, also worked for Israel and Trump financier Sheldon Adelson.

In short Rankoff’s inability to bear the mere presence of Gilad Atzmon has disturbed the plans of an entire musical play set which had been planned for many weeks and diverted precious council funds – that could have been invested in health care or supporting vulnerable people – into the pockets of a wealthy law firm.

Are Islington’s residents fully aware of how their Council Tax is being spent? Are British politicians not concerned that the ‘right to an opinion’ is now held to ransom by a minority of Britons whose allegiance lies with another state?

Atzmon… remains a thorn in the Zionists’ side. Despite numerous attempts to shut him down, his commitment to free speech is unwavering.

Since notable pro-Palestine activist and politician Jeremy Corbyn was elected – twice – as leader of the Labour Party, British Zionists have gone into overdrive to bring down his leadership. Their accomplices in the mainstream media were tasked with unearthing meetings Corbyn had with Palestinian personalities and talks he gave on the need for Palestinians to be treated humanely. This, according to British Zionists, is akin to hate speech, and paid up hacks were roped in to denounce the Labour leader as a rabid “anti-Semite”.

The pressure was admittedly immense on the veteran politician yet when Corbyn capitulated at the first hurdle, he gave Zionists their first taste of blood which whet their voracious appetite for pro-Palestine scalps. A pro-Israel blogger unearthed a meme posted on the Facebook profile of a freshly-elected MP called Naz Shah. The meme had been taken from Jewish academic Norman Finkelstein’s social media, purported to show that a solution to the crisis in the Middle East would be to place Israel inside the US, a country with which it enjoyed an excellent relationship. How that meme was construed as anti-Semitic is beyond anyone’s comprehension but Zionist opinion fabricators were brought in to state that the meme implied a mass displacement of Jews akin to the one advocated by Adolf Hitler. As convoluted definitions go, this one was a gem, but then never underestimate the power of a Zionist to discover, unearth or – if need be – invent anti-Semitism when the cause requires it.

Sadly, rather than defend his fellow Labour member and dismiss the criticism as absurd, Corbyn suspended Shah pending an inquiry. British Zionists, who were now advocating a fascistic pursuit of any free thinkers, obtained their first victory. By agreeing that a meme mocking – not even criticising – Israel could be perceived as anti-Semitic, the stage was set to describe any criticism of Israel as potentially hateful towards Jews. The Stalinist-like purge of Labour activists, who were subsequently suspended or expelled from the Labour Party because some Zionist blogger had found a “worrying” tweet, reached unprecedented levels.

Corbyn suspended one of his oldest comrades, Ken Livingston, who had the temerity to discuss actual history which revealed an alarming alliance between Hitler and Zionists in the early days of the Nazi regime. Undisputed history, should it prove damaging to Zionists, became under Corbyn’s leadership a sackable offence.

Devout Jews, secular Jews, barely nominal Jews also fell foul of the grinding Zionist apparatus that does not tolerate anti-Israel views.

Shah, the first victim of the Nazi-like witch hunt, was taken into an indoctrination camp in which she was taught to rephrase her opinions and dismiss her previous political life. She was interned as a Palestine sympathiser and came out a grovelling Zionist mouthpiece.

Atzmon, for his part, remains a thorn in the Zionists’ side. Despite numerous attempts to shut him down, his commitment to free speech is unwavering.

Zionists, like fascists… cannot tolerate free speech. Any opposing opinion is immediately shut down. Those formulating dissenting views are hunted down, their livelihood put at risk.

His social media is open to his most vocal opponents. Unlike his Zionist detractors, he welcomes debate and a healthy exchange of opposing views.

It has to be noted that disagreeing with Atzmon is hardly the point. A free society in which debate is open should be confident enough to accept a variety of views and allow discussions from which all sides can learn.

Critics of Atzmon have a right to air their views. What they shouldn’t be allowed to do is stop others from airing theirs and controlling who is allowed to speak and what to say.

Zionists, like fascists, however, cannot tolerate free speech. Any opposing opinion is immediately shut down. Those formulating dissenting views are hunted down, their livelihood put at risk. While in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January 2015, Western nations reassured their citizens that free speech was a fundamental human right, it appears it is only a right if Zionists agree with it. While advocating free speech on the one hand, the same politicians, journalists and opinion-makers are rallying together, in fascistic unison, to condemn those whose views Zionists consider unacceptable.

The ugly face of Zio-Fascism is now obvious for all to see

Although Jews are often described as a brilliant and intelligent minority whose success in a variety of scientific fields is inspiring, there is glaring stupidity in Zionist thinking today.

Islam, for instance, is routinely demonised in the media and across the political spectrum yet there isn’t a single mosque that is empty on any given Friday in both the US and Europe. For all its reputation as a violent, misogynist intolerant faith, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today. Contrast that with how Zionism controls opinion and ensures always-favourable content in mainstream outlets, and yet the statistics are far less favourable to the group it aims to defend. A recent poll revealed that an increasing number of people thought Jews used the holocaust to further their political agendas and that overall favourable opinion towards this group is waning.

The cause is simple: why attempt to shut down debate on any given issue unless you have something to hide. Holocaust legislation, which Gilad Atzmon rightly opposes, is designed to ensure only one historical narrative is tolerated with any views that differ from the “officially ascribed line” is liable to legal prosecution.

Imagine being challenged in the courts for countering Napoleon’s take on Waterloo or Nelson’s on Trafalgar. Imagine if no discussion was ever allowed on colonialism or imperialism unless it adhered to the views of one side?

The sheer absurdity is such that it doesn’t even warrant the question yet Zio-Fascism has efficiently been banning debate on everything from the holocaust to the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians to the massacre of British troops by the terrorists of the Stern gang.

The banning of Atzmon is, of course, a worrying development and reveals that fascistic methods are now normalised in societies once claiming to be beacons of free speech and thought. Yet for all that it entails in the short term, the ugly face of this supremacist and undemocratic ideology is now obvious for all to see. Zionists are now mortally wounded and are running around like the proverbial headless chickens. Their nefarious ability to inflict further damage to societal harmony is yet to be countered but, as polls now reveal, public opinion is now alerted.

Nazism, Fascism and colonialism once seemed invincible. The clock is now ticking for Zionism… amid the smooth notes emanating from a saxophone.

*Hafsa Kara-Mustapha is a journalist, political analyst and commentator with a special focus on the Middle East and Africa. She has worked for the Financial Times group and Reuters and her work has been published in the Middle East magazine, Jane’s Foreign Report and a host of international publications.

A version of this article first appeared in American Herald Tribune. The version here is published by permission of Hafsa Kara-Mustapha.

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