“Straight Out of the Protocols”: Obama’s Jewish “Election Strategist” Hired to Run UK’s Labour Party

In a development which could be straight out of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Jewish strategist widely credited with running Barack Obama’s election strategies has been hired by the Jewish leader of Britain’s Labour Party in the run-up to the UK’s 2015 general election.
David Axelrod, a New York Jew who the Guardian newspaper describes as the “US president’s right-hand man, who masterminded back-to-back election wins” has been hired by the “Jewish atheist” Ed Miliband “to devise a new election strategy for the Labour Party in the 2015 elections.”
The scenario is almost like something out of the Protocols of Zion— an accurate, even if written fictitiously, account of Jewish Supremacist activities—which will see an American Jew running the election campaign of the party which seeks to be Britain’s next government—which, just “co-incidentally” is run by a British Jew who has declared his loyalty to Israel in public.
The Guardian newspaper added that “Axelrod was integral not just to Obama’s two presidential victories in 2008 and 2012, but also to Obama’s election as a senator in 2004. He has been described as a lobe of the Obama brain.”
According to a report in the UK’s Jewish Chronicle newspaper, the Labour Party holes that “Axelrod’s skill in building large majorities in favour of left-leaning policies and managing negative campaign attacks will prove invaluable in 2015.”.
There is, of course, not grand council of elders of Zion sitting somewhere manipulating events—but the consistent behavior of Jewish Supremacists all around the globe indicates that there is a strong Jewish group cohesiveness, banded together by a powerful psychological world view which impels Zionist Supremacists to continually seek to “remake the world” in their own vision.

One thought on ““Straight Out of the Protocols”: Obama’s Jewish “Election Strategist” Hired to Run UK’s Labour Party

  1. Axelrod is given a bit too much credit here. Obama’s election was not decided by Axelrod; it was determined by the strength of the African-American vote. This is the community that Axelrod overlooked. He overlooked the deciders of the election. That is not a smart political strategy. It is a stupid one. This is a reality that the facts support.
    Do not believe me? Take a look at exit and other polls. They showed a net loss of white votes for Obama when compared to 2004. Further, more white democrats would switch parties to support Romney than in 2004. This white migration crossed age, economic, and other demographic filters. So, where is the brilliant Axelrod strategy? It does not exist.
    Again, it was the strength of the African American turnout and near monolithic block support for Obama that assured his return to the White House. Axelrod merely took credit for such.

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