Today our campaign to stop Rupert Murdoch taking 100% control of BSkyB had another breakthrough. UK media chiefs – from the BBC to the Daily Mail – have printed a joint letter telling Vince Cable to block the power grab. [1]

Now we need to work together to show our MPs that it’s not just media chiefs against Murdoch getting more power. We need to make sure MPs tell Vince Cable that hundreds of their voters have been in touch speaking out against the BSkyB takeover.

Thousands of us emailing our MPs this week is the last thing Murdoch’s lobbyists want to happen. Murdoch’s henchmen claim that ordinary voters won’t care if the deal is waved through. If we all contact our MPs now, we can prove that’s not true.

Click here to email your MP in two minutes. Tell them you’re against Murdoch being given more power:

It’s not every day that 38 Degrees, The Guardian and The Daily Mail all agree. The media chiefs are rivals. For them to team up shows just how big a threat Murdoch’s takeover plans are. They’ve woken up to what we’ve been saying for months: if Murdoch gets full control of BSkyB, it’s another step towards his total domination of UK media and politics.

Media chiefs speaking out is the latest sign we’re turning the tide on Murdoch’s power grab.  Last week, we handed a huge 20,000 strong open letter to Vince telling him to stand firm against Murdoch. [2] We’ve got over 30,000 names on our petition. We are getting ready to launch adverts in Vince Cable’s constituency. Now let’s make sure MPs are hearing from us directly and adding to the pressure on Vince.

Make sure MPs know that the public doesn’t want Murdoch to be handed more power – email yours in 2 minutes now:
Thanks for being involved,
Hannah, David, Johnny and the 38 Degrees Team
[1] The Guardian:
[2] On Friday, we handed in an open letter to Vince from nearly 20,000, telling him we’ll support him if he stands up to Murdoch, you can check out how it went on our blog here:

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