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A chance to change foreign policy – we need your help

Britain’s foreign wars have been a disaster, * ”BUT YOU SUPPORTED IN LIBYA AND SYRIA SHAME ON YOU ‘ but the political tide is starting to turn. Anti-war politics are gaining increasing power and influence in British political life. But these things are far from settled: the establishment in power and pro-war forces  * ” LIKE THE SO CALLED ‘STOP THE WAR’ IS PRO WAR SHAME ON YOU ”  in both major parties will continue to use all their might to marginalise anti-war forces and arguments.

This means we will need to be better organised and better funded in order to ensure that anti-war politics assume centre stage. Stop the War is a key force in this campaign ?? . We have organised a number of protests against the threat of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula and we are mobilising for this Saturday’s demonstration for Palestine  as well as continuing our campaign against intervention in the Middle East. But we are also producing more information and analysis  , ​trying to win the anti-war case in trade union *”TU IS THE LABOUR PART  THE PARTY OF WAR ” and political party branches and improving our social media operation.        


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