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Stop the universal credit cut

Study shows 'one in every 200 people in England is homeless' | London  Evening Standard | Evening Standard
There’s a new petition taking off on and we think you might be interested in signing it. 
Stop the universal credit cut

10,018 have signed Vic Bridges’s petition. Let’s get to 15,000!
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Boris Johnson refuses to waiver in the decision to cut the universal credit allowance, which was uplifted by £20 a week during the first lockdown to help families.To the government, this uplift is nothing more than a free handout that people are more than happy to accept and don’t believe that families truly need it. I am yet to see the government actually looking or otherwise caring at the living standards we would all be under if they cut the uplift. Statistics have already shown that over a million families will be under the standard of living line by more than half. Families will go hungry or without gas or electricity or essentials that those above us seem to constantly miss.

To you, this petition may not mean much or affect you in any way but consider single parents with children, think about your friends who you know to be struggling who will be even worse off without this “handout” think about people who have lost their jobs due to covid and will no longer be able to afford their rent or living expenses and risk being on the streets.
By signing this you are helping people give the wake-up call that our government needs. Think about how you would feel living in poverty with no other choice. 
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