The government is getting ready for a huge sell-off of our national forests to private firms. This could mean ancient woodlands are chopped down and destroyed. Walkers and endangered animals, like red squirrels and owls, would have to make way for Center Parcs-style holiday villages, golf courses, and logging companies. [1]
We need to stop these plans. Ancient forests like the Forest of Dean and Sherwood Forest are national treasures – once they’re gone, they are lost forever. A huge petition will force the government to rethink. If we can prove how strongly thousands of us are against this, we can make them back down.
Please click here to add your name to a petition saying “save our forests”:
The government needs to get new laws through Parliament before these plans can go ahead. That means we have time to stop them. If we build a huge petition, we will prove that the public doesn’t want precious woodland to be flogged off. That will make MPs think twice about voting for it.
When we work together, we can stop the government from forcing through these kind of bad plans. They probably think that with all the focus on cuts, no-one will have time to spare to speak up for forests. 38 Degrees members know how to work on more than one issue at once. We’re already standing up for the NHS and the BBC. We’re winning our fight against the massive cow factory farm in Lincolnshire. Now let’s stand up for Britain’s ancient forests together, before it’s too late and they’re gone for good.
Please help build the pressure before it’s too late. Add your name to our “save our forests” petition:
P.S. If we can build a big enough petition quickly enough, we can get the government to drop these plans right now. Please forward this e-mail to all your friends and family, and ask them to sign the “save our forests” petition by clicking here:

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