Dear All,
I am writing to ask you to make a financial contribution to support the major nation-wide day of protest and action on April 13, including a major rally at the White House, protesting the ever increasing use of Drone air strikes by the U.S. government.
The cost of each chartered bus from New York City is $2,100. For Philadelphia it is $1,500. We want to make sure that the bus tickets are affordable so that students and low-income workers can make it to the Washington D.C. protest. We have printed thousands of flyers and posters for distribution. All of this takes money and we are always counting on you and others to help. Every donation makes a difference!
U.S. drones have killed more than 5,000 people, perhaps many more, and the overwhelming majority of them have been civilians. The heaviest casualties have been in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia. Recently the Pentagon announced plans for a major drone base in Niger and a vast expansion of the U.S. military presence across Africa.
In addition to the thousands who have been incinerated by missile strikes, millions of civilians have been terrorized by overhead Drone fighter craft that buzz their villages and towns – night and day, for months on end.
The people of the United States are now taking action to say NO MORE Drone Warfare!
Please make a donation today to help bring people to the April 13 demonstrations and to help us meet all the expenses associated with this new grassroots anti-war movement.
The movement is growing by evidence of how many cities are working together on April 13. The demonstrations will take place Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Albuquerque, Chicago and many other cities.
The April 13 actions will be part of a nationwide month of activities across the country opposing the rapidly expanding use of drones for murder and extremely intrusive surveillance. Hundreds of organizations are working together.
It is important to inform, educate and mobilize your friends and neighbors so that they too join this growing movement. We have created a Drone Fact Sheet to help in that we are providing some additional background information about the U.S. Drone program.
I hope you can join one of the April 13 demonstrations. For those of you cannot make it to demonstration you can show your support by making an urgently needed financial donation today.

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