38 Degrees members have made thousands of suggestions for what we could do about cuts. Now we need to vote – click here to have your say in 30 seconds  

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It’s decision time. Thousands of 38 Degrees members have helped come up with ideas on what we should do about cuts. Now we need to vote on the top suggestions.Please click here to vote. It only takes 30 seconds:

All the issues are important. But what’s the one big thing we should focus on in the next month? Stop spending money on Trident? Crackdown on wealthy tax cheats? Make the banks pay their fair share? Challenge the government to prove their plans will not hit the poorest hardest?
We win when we work together. So let’s decide together. Click here to vote:

The government may be determined to go ahead with deep cuts, but there are still choices to be made. It’s not all inevitable. There are 175,000 of us involved in 38 Degrees. If we work together, we know we can make our voices heard.
Here’s what some 38 Degrees members have said about what we should do about cuts:

  • “Trident should not be renewed. Not only can the country not afford it, but it gives out completely the wrong message to the rest of the world.” (Rebecca)

  • “The money should come from those who can afford it and tax avoidance schemes by companies and rich individuals should be targeted.” (Akinoshima)

  • “The fiscal crisis was chiefly caused by irresponsible decisions by wealthy financiers. They are the ones who should be making the biggest contribution to reduce the deficit. ” (Jim)

  • “There is really no need for these cuts. We need to demonstrate, talk to colleagues, family and friends about the need to mobilise and oppose these draconian measures the rich are presenting as unavoidable.” (Sonny)

  • “Those in the most vulnerable position, disabled people, asylum seekers/migrants, single parents are the usual targets and scapegoats.” (Kate)

  • “Scrapping Trident, recalling the loans back from the bank that the state salvaged some time ago (if they have money for bonuses it means business is good) and shifting the tax burden on the richer as opposed to the poorer–just a few ideas!” (Arianna)

The government is firming up cuts plans right now. So we need to make our mind up and get the campaign going. Click here to vote:>

Thanks for being involved,

David, Hannah, Johnny and the 38 Degrees team
PS – So many people suggested campaigns that we couldn’t include them all in this email. We’ve added some of the most popular ones to the blog:

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